Karin Norman

Karin Norman Filmography

movie 1916 The Ordeal of Elizabeth as Elizabeth's mother
movie 1915 A Fortune Hunter
movie 1915 A Madcap Adventure
movie 1915 A Mistake in Typesetting
movie 1915 A Queen for an Hour
movie 1915 Mortmain as Miss Fickles
movie 1915 Mother's Roses as Mary - the Maid
movie 1915 Sonny Jim and the Family Party
movie 1915 The Shabbies
movie 1915 The Silent W
movie 1915 The White and Black Snowball
movie 1914 A Change in Baggage Checks
movie 1914 Bunny's Mistake
movie 1914 Father's Flirtation as Betty's Landlady
movie 1914 Mr. Bunnyhug Buys a Hat for His Bride
movie 1914 The 'Bear' Facts as The Woodcutter's Wife
movie 1914 The Ladies' War as The First Cook
movie 1914 Who's Who in Hogg Hollow

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Filmsnuttar producerade av seniorlagen HUJOH, Bulazch och Zulfa i slutet av 70-talet respektive början av 80-talet.