Karl Formes

Karl Johann Franz Formes (b. Mulheim am Rhein, 7 August 1815; d. San Francisco, 15 December 1889), also called Charles John Formes, was a German bass opera and oratorio singer who had a long international career especially in Germany, London and New York. At one time extremely famous and in the forefront of his profession, several roles were composed for his voice, most notably that of Plunkett in Flotow's opera Martha. ... more on Wikipedia

Karl Formes Filmography

movie 1922 Trooper O'Neill as Jules Lestrange
movie 1921 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Mark Twain
movie 1921 The Struggle as Dr. Beer
movie 1920 Felix O'Day as Jules Borney
movie 1920 Flame of Youth as Old Bac
movie 1920 The Red Lane as Henri Billedeau
movie 1919 A Rogue's Romance as Brulon
movie 1919 The Little Boss as Old Farley
movie 1918 His Own Home Town as David Landis
movie 1918 Keys of the Righteous as John Manning
movie 1918 Up the Road with Sallie as Judge Joshua Cabot
movie 1916 A Battle in the Dark
movie 1916 Macbeth as Bishop
movie 1916 The Girl from Frisco as Black Feather
movie 1916 The Gun Runners
movie 1916 The Mystery of the Brass Bound Chest
movie 1916 The Stain of Chuckawalla
movie 1915 A Bold Impersonation as Duc de Maurière
movie 1915 A Romance of the Alps as Seppi, Wally's Father
movie 1915 Ghosts as Henrik Ibsen
movie 1915 Old Heidelberg as Dr. Juttner
movie 1915 The Americano as Innkeeper
movie 1915 The Straw Man as Georgie's Grandfather Truax
movie 1914 Auntie as Mr. Rich
movie 1914 Hunger Knows No Law
movie 1914 Jerry's Uncle's Namesake
movie 1914 Secret of the Bulb
movie 1914 The Little Bugler
movie 1914 The Masked Dancer as Pedro
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Hidden House as Mr. Jardine
movie 1914 The Poor Folks' Boy as Benson
movie 1913 A Broken Melody as Arnold Bennett
movie 1913 Little Kaintuck as Hendricks - the Mountaineer Storekeeper
movie 1913 Tangled Threads as Major Bruce
movie 1913 The Redemption as The Butler
movie 1913 Thieves as Millionaire Hastings
movie 1912 The Colonel's Escape as The Father
movie 1912 The Outlaw
movie 1912 The Wandering Musician