Kathie Fischer

Kathie Fischer Filmography

movie 1918 The Vigilantes
movie 1915 Her Musical Cook
movie 1914 A Joke on Jane
movie 1914 A Midsummer's Love Tangle as Buddy
movie 1914 A Modern Othello as Buddy, son of the Masons
movie 1914 A Suspended Ceremony as Buddy
movie 1914 Drifting Hearts as Little Dolly Courtleigh
movie 1914 Fooling Uncle as Peggy's Sister
movie 1914 Her 'Really' Mother as Kathie Stanton
movie 1914 Her Younger Sister as Elsie Lyons
movie 1914 Jail Birds
movie 1914 Limping Into Happiness as Nellie White - May's Little Sister
movie 1914 Motherhood as Cupid
movie 1914 Sally's Elopement as Sally's Sister - a Naughty Little Girl
movie 1914 Sweet Land of Liberty as Pietro, their son
movie 1914 The Legend of Black Rock as Child
movie 1914 The Motherless Kids
movie 1914 The Sacrifice as Pietro Newton - the Son
movie 1914 The Silence of John Gordon
movie 1914 The Smouldering Spark
movie 1914 The Tale of a Tailor as Sadie Simon - 2nd Twin Sister
movie 1914 The Wife as A Little Girl
movie 1914 Withering Roses as The Crippled Child
movie 1913 Bobby's Magic Nickel
movie 1913 Jimmy's Deception as Little girl
movie 1913 Playmates as Rosa - the Poor Little Rich Girl
movie 1913 The Kid as Kathe - the Kid
movie 1913 The Lesson the Children Taught as 2nd Child
movie 1913 Three Children as Grandson
movie 1913 While the Children Slept
movie 1913 Why Rags Left Home

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