Keith Dodson

Keith Dodson Filmography

movie 2012 Mountain Mafia as Uncle Kelsey
movie 2011 Saucer Sex Peep Show as General Krueger
movie 2010 Queen of the Cursed World as President Tinkle
video movie 2009 Cornball Classics as White Rabbit
movie 2009 Nancy Barry's Big Case as Party Guest
movie 2009 Saucer Sex from Beyond as Sparky
movie 2007 Monstrosity as Local News Crew
video movie 2006 The Edison Death Machine as Police Officer

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Mummer plays are an artifact of medieval europe which are still performed to this day. Usually a hero like St. George fights a Turkish warrior, dragon, or ot...

Jason Cornigans lead, Keith Dodson Bass, Nick Carter piano, Ryan Bruce on drums. Spandex and Monster...more clips from ectovision.... The first thing shot for 'Ectovision'.;winter 2008 ..somewhat roug...

A teaser for 'Saucer Sex Bomb' evil clone which is a combination of elvis, Hitler, and a guy from hazard ky controls the key of quark...the ultimate pow...