Kelli Tidmore

Kelli Tidmore Filmography

movie 2014 Day 1
movie 2013 Can You Hear Me Now as Party Guest 10
movie 2013 M Is for Marriage as Wedding Guest
movie 2013 Separate Checks as Business Woman
movie 2011 Bled White as Mary Dale
movie 2011 The Garage Hoppers as Janielle
movie Drifted
movie Shadows of Death
movie The Masks We Wear

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A washed up Italian mafioso tries to secure his retirement fund by organizing a bank job with a dysfunctional group of amateurs.

Skibofilms Production and Wild Tree Productions presents a film written and directed by Jose Carlos Gomez, and produced by Kelli Tidmore. Starring North ...

This is the 2nd of 3 planed teaser trailers for the motion picture DRIFTED by John Wesley Norton and Boomstick Films. Produced by John Wesley Norton, Jack ...

Winner of four awards, including, Best Zombie Horror Film, Best Supporting actress and Best Music Soundtrack. Produced by Kelli Tidmore. Written and directed.