Kempton Greene

Kempton Greene (28 June 1890 ? 1966), was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 68 films between 1909 and 1921. ... more on Wikipedia

Kempton Greene Filmography

movie 1921 Behind Masks as Cecil Bourne
movie 1921 Sentimental Tommy as Dr. David Gemmell
movie 1921 Ten Nights in a Bar Room as Willie Hammond
movie 1921 The Daughter of Devil Dan
movie 1921 The Family Closet as Ned Tully
movie 1920 Dad's Girl
movie 1919 Fool's Gold as David Moore
movie 1919 Forest Rivals as Harry Reynolds
movie 1919 Fortune's Child
movie 1919 My Little Sister as Ranny
movie 1919 The Carter Case as Rance Dixon
movie 1919 The Crook of Dreams as Sam
movie 1918 Brown of Harvard as Wilton Ames
movie 1918 Our Little Wife as Tommy Belden
movie 1918 The Eyes of Mystery as Steve Graham
movie 1918 The House of Mirth as Jeff Wade
movie 1916 Americans After All
movie 1916 Father's Night Off
movie 1916 Fooling Uncle as Mr. Brown
movie 1916 Jenkins' Jinx
movie 1916 Love and Bullets
movie 1916 Millionaire Billie
movie 1916 Oh, You Uncle!
movie 1916 Pickles and Diamonds
movie 1916 Race Suicide
movie 1916 The Winning Number
movie 1916 Two Smiths and a Haff
movie 1915 A Romance of the Navy
movie 1915 A Thief in the Night
movie 1915 Belle of Barnegat
movie 1915 Destiny's Skein as Tom Green - Ormi's Brother
movie 1915 Feel My Muscle
movie 1915 Just Retribution
movie 1915 Such Things Really Happen
movie 1915 The Cipher Key as Caldera Mendez
movie 1915 The Friendship of Lamond as Harold Maxim
movie 1915 The Hermit of Bird Island as The Earl of Betzwood
movie 1915 The Human Investment
movie 1915 The Last Rebel as Clay
movie 1915 The Man of God as The Castaway Man
movie 1915 The Meddlesome Darling as Kelly Lowell - Helen's Brother
movie 1915 The Ogre and the Girl as The Girl's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Regenerating Love
movie 1915 The Second Shot as John Anthony
movie 1915 The Shanghaied Baby as Jack Lambert - the Son
movie 1915 The Telegrapher's Peril as Hugh Williams
movie 1915 The Thief in the Night
movie 1915 When Youth Is Ambitious
movie 1914 A Question of Right as Jim Gray
movie 1914 By Whose Hand as Kempton Van Allen
movie 1914 His Wife as Dave Bennett
movie 1914 The Changeling as Edwin Saunders
movie 1914 The Daughters of Men as Reginald Crosby
movie 1914 The Debt
movie 1914 The Gamblers as Hicks
movie 1914 The Greater Treasure
movie 1914 The Making of Him as Donald Atwater
movie 1914 The Man from the Sea as Carroll Brown
movie 1914 Three Men and a Woman as Howard Brooks
movie 1914 When Conscience Calls as Hillary Duncan
movie 1913 A Slight Mistake as The Downstairs Neighbor
movie 1913 Between Dances as Harry
movie 1913 Bob Builds a Boat as Tom Thompson - Bob's Son
movie 1913 Bob Builds a Chicken House
movie 1913 Bob Buys an Auto
movie 1913 Clarence at the Theater
movie 1913 Her Sick Father as Charley
movie 1913 Jane's Waterloo
movie 1913 Just Out of College as William Strand Jr.
movie 1913 Keeping Up Appearances as Bill Smith
movie 1913 Quarantined as Lt. Mason, U.S.A.
movie 1913 Shipping a Clock as Felix Jolson - Clarence's Brother
movie 1913 The Cry of the Blood as Adam Jamieson
movie 1913 The Fiancee and the Fairy as Harry Morton
movie 1913 The Hazard of Youth as Adrian Scott
movie 1913 The Lost Son
movie 1913 The Mayor's Waterloo
movie 1913 The Special Officer as Bob Gage
movie 1913 The Waiter's Strategy as Tom
movie 1913 The Yarn of the 'Nancy Belle'
movie 1913 What's in a Name? as Winter Green
movie 1911 Brown of Harvard as Student