Kendra Munger

Kendra Munger Filmography

movie 2014 Lady Bug as Victim #6
movie 2014 The Humdrummer as Radio Talk Show Host
movie 2013 The Spymaster as Melinda Maclean
movie 2012 A Son Like You as Zoe
movie 2012 The Last War Crime as News Broadcaster
movie 2011 Ideal World as Office secretary
movie 2011 Shuffle as Waitress
movie 2011 Silver Gardens as Caroline
movie 2009 Searching for Ron Ficus as Adoption Clerk
movie 2004 Forever for Now as Lita Luft
movie 2003 Much Ado as Valerie
movie 2003 Saved by the Rules as Rhonda
movie 2000 Entourage as Angelic Nurse
movie 1999 Rage of the Werewolf as Newswoman

Kendra Munger on Youtube

Dramatic Acting Demo Reel for Actor Kendra Munger.

Actors Kendra Munger and Eric Almquist perform a scene from "Sportsnight" by Aaron Sorkin at a ReelPROs Workshop. Go to for more ...

If you only support one Kickstarter campaign this year, make it for a cause that really matters. Starring Kendra Munger and Sam Voutas.

Scene from the short film 'The Spymaster'. Actors featured in these selected scenes: Craig Robert Young as Nicholas Elliott Rob McGillivray as Kim Philby Max...