Kenne Duncan

Kenne Duncan (February 17, 1903 - February 5, 1972), born Kenneth Duncan MacLachlan, was a well-known B-movie character actor. Hyped professionally as "The Meanest Man in the Movies," the vast majority of his over 250 appearances on camera were Westerns, but he also did occasional forays into horror, crime drama, and science fiction. He also appeared in over a dozen serials. ... more on Wikipedia

Kenne Duncan Filmography

movie 1977 Buck Rogers as Lacey, Hidden City officer
tv movie 1966 Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine as Brand
tv movie 1966 Cyclotrode 'X' as Prof. Chambers
tv movie 1966 D-Day on Mars as Charles Mitchell
tv movie 1966 Deadly Ray from Mars as Airdrome platform officer
tv movie 1966 Jungle Gold as Gentry
tv movie 1966 Nyoka and the Lost Secrets of Hippocrates as Abou
movie 1965 Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang as Gorilla Gang Member
movie 1960 Natchez Trace as William Murrell
movie 1960 Oklahoma Territory as Bigelow Henchman
movie 1960 The Music Box Kid as Truck Driver's Helper
movie 1960 The Sinister Urge as Lt. Matt Carson
movie 1960 Trick Shooting with Kenne Duncan as Himself
movie 1959 Date with Death as Andrews, freight-train watchman
movie 1959 Night of the Ghouls as Dr. Acula
movie 1959 Revenge of the Virgins as Narrator
movie 1957 Outlaw Queen as Sheriff
movie 1957 Revolt at Fort Laramie as Captain Foley
movie 1957 The Astounding She-Monster as Nat Burdell
movie 1957 The Iron Sheriff as Leveret's Brother-in-Law
movie 1957 The Parson and the Outlaw as Matt McCloud, Newspaper Editor
movie 1956 Blazing the Overland Trail as Outlaw
movie 1956 Flesh and the Spur as Kale Tanner
movie 1955 Hell's Horizon as Maj. Naylor
movie 1955 Timber Country Trouble as Ben Allen
movie 1954 The Lawless Rider as Freno Frost
movie 1953 Calamity Jane as Minor Role
tv movie 1953 Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures of the Tucson Kid as Lefty
movie 1953 Jack McCall Desperado as Gang Member at Party
movie 1953 On Top of Old Smoky as Mcquaid
movie 1953 Pack Train as Ross McLain
movie 1953 Planet Outlaws as Lt. Lacy, Hidden City forces
movie 1952 Indian Uprising as Lieutenant Richards
movie 1952 The Frontier Phantom as Sam Mantell
movie 1951 Badman's Gold as Rance
movie 1951 Drums in the Deep South as Union Officer
movie 1951 Nevada Badmen as Bob Bannon
movie 1951 Oklahoma Justice as Sheriff Barnes
movie 1951 Silver Canyon as Corporal
movie 1951 The Hills of Utah as Henchman Indigo Hubbard
movie 1951 The Texas Rangers as Outlaw Bart Howard
movie 1951 Wanted: Dead or Alive as Henchman
movie 1951 Whirlwind as Slim
movie 1950 A Life of Her Own as Man Asking Invitation
movie 1950 A Wonderful Life as Brace Doctor
movie 1950 Code of the Silver Sage as Henchman Dick Cantwell
movie 1950 Davy Crockett, Indian Scout as Sgt. Gordon
movie 1950 Indian Territory as 3rd Man Shot by Apache
movie 1950 Jiggs and Maggie Out West as Henchman Slim
movie 1950 Last of the Buccaneers as Pirate Captain
movie 1950 Mule Train as Latigo
movie 1950 Radar Secret Service as Michael's Henchman
movie 1950 Surrender as Rider Advising Assassin Gregg Is Coming
movie 1950 The Blazing Sun as Al Bartlett & Mark Bartlett
movie 1950 Western Courage as Chuck Gorman
movie 1949 Across the Rio Grande as Joe Bardet
movie 1949 Crashing Thru as Ranger Tim Reymond
movie 1949 Deputy Marshal as Cal Freeling
movie 1949 Gun Runner as Nebraska
movie 1949 Law of the West as Frank Stevens
movie 1949 Lawless Code as Henchman Tom Blaine
movie 1949 Range Justice as Henchman Kirk
movie 1949 Range Land as Sheriff Winters
movie 1949 Riders in the Sky as Henchman Travis
movie 1949 Roaring Westward as Morgan
movie 1949 Shadows of the West as Bill Mayberry
movie 1949 Sons of New Mexico as Henchman Ed
movie 1949 Stampede as Steve
movie 1949 West of El Dorado as Steve Dallas
movie 1948 Close-Up as Detective
movie 1948 Echo Ranch as Gang Leader
movie 1948 Hidden Danger as Henchman Bender
movie 1948 Hidden Valley Days as Outlaw Leader
movie 1948 Powder River Gunfire as Kenne
movie 1948 Sundown in Santa Fe as Wagon Driver
movie 1947 Angel and the Badman as Gambler
movie 1947 Buck Privates Come Home as Sergeant on Sidewalk
movie 1947 The Trespasser as Fellow
movie 1947 Twilight on the Rio Grande as U.S. Customs Agent Lou Evers
movie 1946 A Guy Could Change as Frank Hanlon
movie 1946 California Gold Rush as Felton
movie 1946 Conquest of Cheyenne as Geologist McBride
movie 1946 G.I. War Brides
movie 1946 Home on the Range as Slim Wallace
movie 1946 In Old Sacramento as Deputy
movie 1946 Man from Rainbow Valley as Lafe
movie 1946 My Pal Trigger as Croupier
movie 1946 Night Train to Memphis as Asa Morgan
movie 1946 Rainbow Over Texas as Henchman Pete McAvoy
movie 1946 Red River Renegades as Henchman Hackett
movie 1946 Rio Grande Raiders as Steve
movie 1946 Roll on Texas Moon as Henchman Brannigan
movie 1946 Santa Fe Uprising as Rustler talking with Jackson
movie 1946 Sheriff of Redwood Valley as Henchman Jackson
movie 1946 Sioux City Sue as Steve Crawley
movie 1946 Sun Valley Cyclone as Henchman Dow
movie 1946 The Crimson Ghost as Dr. Chambers [Chs. 1-2, 8]
movie 1946 The Mysterious Mr. Valentine as Sam Priestly
movie 1946 The Phantom Rider as Henchman Ben Brady
movie 1946 The Scarlet Horseman as Henchman
movie 1946 Traffic in Crime as Henchman
movie 1945 A Sporting Chance as Boarder
movie 1945 Bells of Rosarita as Kidnapper
movie 1945 Corpus Christi Bandits as Henchman Spade
movie 1945 Dakota as Henchman
movie 1945 Flame of Barbary Coast as Gambler
movie 1945 Hitchhike to Happiness as Man in bar with Alice after radio show
movie 1945 Love, Honor and Goodbye as Counter Man
movie 1945 Manhunt of Mystery Island as Sidney Brand
movie 1945 Oregon Trail as Henchman Johnny Slade
movie 1945 Road to Alcatraz as Servant
movie 1945 Rough Riders of Cheyenne as Henchman Lance
movie 1945 Santa Fe Saddlemates as Brazos Kane
movie 1945 The Chicago Kid as Al
movie 1945 The Phantom Speaks as Murder Victim
movie 1945 The Purple Monster Strikes as Charles Mitchell [Chs. 1-2, 10]
movie 1945 Trail of Kit Carson as Trigger Chandler
movie 1945 Wagon Wheels Westward as Henchman Joe
movie 1944 Beneath Western Skies as Deputy Barrow
movie 1944 Brazil as Cab Driver
movie 1944 Captain America as Ed Graham [Ch. 14]
movie 1944 Cheyenne Wildcat as Pete
movie 1944 End of the Road as Al Herman
movie 1944 Hands Across the Border as Deputy Simmons
movie 1944 Haunted Harbor as Gregg
movie 1944 Hidden Valley Outlaws as Henchman Ben Bannon
movie 1944 Man from Frisco as Foreman
movie 1944 Marshal of Reno as Henchman Adams
movie 1944 Mojave Firebrand as Henchman
movie 1944 My Buddy as Convict
movie 1944 Outlaws of Santa Fe as Henchman Chuck
movie 1944 Pride of the Plains as Henchman Snyder
movie 1944 San Fernando Valley as Horse Thief
movie 1944 Secrets of Scotland Yard as Steward
movie 1944 Sheriff of Las Vegas as Henchman Whitey
movie 1944 Sheriff of Sundown as Secretary Arthur Wilkes
movie 1944 Silent Partner as Gangster
movie 1944 Song of Nevada as Thompson's Wagon-Race Driver
movie 1944 Stagecoach to Monterey as Henchman Joe
movie 1944 Storm Over Lisbon as Paul--Deresco Aide
movie 1944 The Fighting Seabees as Construction Worker
movie 1944 The Girl Who Dared as Dr. Paul Dexter
movie 1944 The Laramie Trail as Bud's Partner
movie 1944 The Tiger Woman as Henchman Gentry [Chs. 7, 11]
movie 1944 Thoroughbreds
movie 1944 Tucson Raiders as Henchman
movie 1944 Vigilantes of Dodge City as Henchman Dave Brewster
movie 1943 Batman as Fred, the Mechanic [Chs. 5-6]
movie 1943 Blazing Frontier as Homesteader Clark
movie 1943 Blazing Guns as Henchman Red Higgins
movie 1943 Border Buckaroos as Tom Bancroft
movie 1943 Canyon City as Henchman Turner
movie 1943 Cheyenne Roundup as Express Rider
movie 1943 Daredevils of the West as George Hooker [Ch. 9]
movie 1943 Days of Old Cheyenne as Henchman Pete
movie 1943 Fugitive from Sonora as Henchman R. J. Cole
movie 1943 In Old Oklahoma as Indignant Businessman on Train
movie 1943 Overland Mail Robbery as Hank
movie 1943 Pistol Packin' Mama as Doorman
movie 1943 Raiders of Sunset Pass as Henchman Tex
movie 1943 Santa Fe Scouts as Hoodlum
movie 1943 Swing Shift Maisie as Ann's Date
movie 1943 The Avenging Rider as Blackie
movie 1943 The Kid Rides Again as Cowboy in Saloon
movie 1943 The Law Rides Again as Sheriff Jeff
movie 1943 The Man from the Rio Grande as Henchman
movie 1943 Trail of Terror as Henchman Tom
movie 1943 Wagon Tracks West as Henchman
movie 1943 Wild Horse Stampede as Hanley
movie 1943 Wolves of the Range as Henchman Adams
movie 1942 Code of the Outlaw as Henchman Plug
movie 1942 Foreign Agent as Tom, Federal Agent
movie 1942 Isle of Missing Men as Bob Henderson
movie 1942 Law and Order as Henchman Durgan
movie 1942 Man with Two Lives as Jess Fowler
movie 1942 Outlaws of Boulder Pass as Henchman Mulie
movie 1942 Overland Stagecoach as Posse Rider
movie 1942 Perils of Nyoka as Abu
movie 1942 Raiders of the West as Harris - Dandy Gambler
movie 1942 Red River Robin Hood as Henchman Ed Rance
movie 1942 Texas Man Hunt as Henchman Lake
movie 1942 Texas to Bataan as Captain Anders
movie 1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit as Saloon Henchman
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Cheyenne as Deputy Walt
movie 1942 The Secret Code as Marvin [Chs.1-3,5-6]
movie 1942 The Sombrero Kid as Pete Raymond - Henchman
movie 1942 The Sundown Kid as Henchman
movie 1942 The Valley of Vanishing Men as Logan
movie 1942 Trail Riders as Marshal Frank Hammond
movie 1942 Valley of Hunted Men as Nazi
movie 1942 Westward Ho as Henchman Dallas
movie 1941 A Missouri Outlaw as Henchman Pete Chandler
movie 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel as Barnett - Chief Henchman [Ch. 2-10]
movie 1941 Billy the Kid in Santa Fe as Henchman Scotty
movie 1941 Billy the Kid Wanted as Henchman
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Round-Up as Henchman Joe
movie 1941 Buck Privates as Sergeant on Sidewalk with Sgt. Collins
movie 1941 Dynamite Canyon as Henchman Rod
movie 1941 King of the Texas Rangers as Nick - Henchman [Chs. 1-4,6-9]
movie 1941 Outlaws of the Rio Grande as Marshal Bob Day
movie 1941 Riding the Sunset Trail as Jay Lynch
movie 1941 The Apache Kid as Henchman Benton
movie 1941 The Deadly Game as Henchman
movie 1941 The Gunman from Bodie as Townsman
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Fights Back as Barfly
movie 1941 The Spider Returns as Ram Singh, Wentworth's Hindu Chauffeur
movie 1941 The Texas Marshal as Henchman Lefty
movie 1941 White Eagle as Kirk
movie 1940 Arizona Gang Busters as Sheriff Dan Kirk
movie 1940 Billy the Kid Outlawed as Dave Hendricks
movie 1940 Billy the Kid's Gun Justice as Henchman Bragg
movie 1940 Covered Wagon Trails as Henchman Blaine
movie 1940 Deadwood Dick as Two-Gun
movie 1940 Emergency Squad as Jack
movie 1940 Frontier Crusader as The Mesa Kid
movie 1940 I Take This Oath as Car-Rental Clerk
movie 1940 Land of the Six Guns as Henchman Max
movie 1940 Murder on the Yukon as Henchman Tom
movie 1940 Pinto Canyon as Fred Jones
movie 1940 Roll Wagons Roll as Captain Clay
movie 1940 Sky Bandits as Henchman Brownie
movie 1940 Souls in Pawn as J.W. Carlton
movie 1940 Texas Renegades as Bill Willis
movie 1940 The Cheyenne Kid as Chet Adams
movie 1940 The Green Archer as Michael Bellamy
movie 1940 The Kid from Santa Fe as Joe Lavida
movie 1940 The Sagebrush Family Trails West as Bart Wallace
movie 1940 Trailing Double Trouble as Bob Horner
movie 1939 Buck Rogers as Lt. Lacy
movie 1939 Fighting Thoroughbreds as Brady
movie 1939 Flaming Lead as Ranch-Hand Larry
movie 1939 Mickey the Kid as Henchman
movie 1939 North of the Yukon as Henchman Meeker
movie 1939 Overland with Kit Carson as Trapper
movie 1939 The Fighting Renegade as Henchman
movie 1939 The Man from Texas as Speed Dennison
movie 1939 Trigger Fingers as Henchman Johnson
movie 1939 Westbound Stage as Captain Jim Wallace
movie 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars as Airdrome Captain
movie 1938 Frontier Scout as Henchman Crandall
movie 1938 Mars Attacks the World as The Martian Airfield Captain
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Blacksmith
movie 1938 The Spider's Web as Ram Singh
movie 1937 Colorado Kid as Henchman Leathers
movie 1937 Cross My Heart as Steve King
movie 1937 Make-Up as Lorenzo
movie 1937 The Last Curtain as Joe Garsatti
movie 1935 From Nine to Nine as John Sommerset
movie 1935 Gallant Defender as Goose Neck Smith
movie 1935 Thoroughbred as Chick Williams
movie 1934 Undercover Men as Blake Hardy
movie 1933 Shadow River
movie 1932 Lovers Courageous as Cowboy
movie 1932 Probation as Wedding Rehearsal Attendant
movie 1932 The Mouthpiece as Office Worker
movie 1931 Grief Street as Newspaper Reporter
movie 1931 No Limit as Curly Andrews
movie 1930 A Man from Wyoming
movie 1930 Derelict as Radio Man
movie 1928 Police Reporter
movie 1928 Saps and Saddles
movie 1928 The Secret Outlaw
movie 1927 Almost Human as Clint Scollard

Kenne Duncan on Youtube

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Trailer for 1940 "bad girl/vice racket/unwed mother" roadshow exploitation melodrama Souls in Pawn, starring Kenne Duncan.

One of Ed Wood's lesser known "so bad it's good movies". No aging Bela Lugosi, no Vampire, no Muscleman beginner Steve Reeves, not even Tor Johnson to ...