Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger (born February 3, 1927) is a Californian underground avant-garde film-maker and author. ... more on Wikipedia

Kenneth Anger Filmography

movie 2013 Airships
movie 2012 Sunset Strip as Himself
movie 2010 Missoni
movie 2009 42 One Dream Rush as Lucifer
movie 2009 Night of Pan as Lucifer
movie 2009 River of Anger as Himself
video movie 2009 Magick Lantern Cycle
movie 2009 Brush of Baphomet
movie 2009 My Surfing Lucifer
movie 2008 Flicker as Himself
movie 2006 Anger Me as Himself
movie 2006 Hedy Lamarr: Secrets of a Hollywood Star as Himself
movie 2006 Notes on Marie Menken as Himself
movie 2004 Anger Sees Red
movie 2004 Mouse Heaven
tv movie 2002 Added Attractions: The Hollywood Shorts Story as Himself
movie 2002 Jonas at the Ocean as Himself
movie 2002 The Man We Want to Hang
video movie 2001 Rescued from the Closet as Himself
movie 2000 Don't Smoke That Cigarette
movie 2000 Ich will!
movie 2000 Hollywood Babylon
tv movie 1999 Anger Rising as Himself
tv movie 1998 Busby Berkeley: Going Through the Roof as Himself
movie 1998 Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance as Himself
tv movie 1998 The Art of Influence as Himself
movie 1997 Birth of a Nation as Himself
tv movie 1997 Pop Odyssee 1 - Die Beach Boys und der Satan as Himself
movie 1994 Jonas in the Desert as Himself
video movie 1992 Hollywood Babylon II
tv series 1992 Hollywood Babylon
movie 1986 He Stands in the Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life as Himself
movie 1984 Before Stonewall as Watches man flexing muscles
tv movie 1982 The Rolling Stones - Die ersten 20 Jahre as Himself
tv series 1980 Hollywood
movie 1976 Senators in Bondage
movie 1972 Lucifer Rising as The Magus
movie 1972 Hollywood Babylon
tv movie 1970 Kenneth Anger - Magier des Untergrundfilms as Himself
movie 1970 Langlois as Himself
movie 1970 Kustom Kar Kommandos
movie 1969 Invocation of My Demon Brother as The Magick
movie 1964 Scorpio Rising
movie 1961 Arabesque for Kenneth Anger as Himself
movie 1960 The Dead as Himself
movie 1954 Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome as Hecate
movie 1953 Eaux d'artifice
movie 1950 Rabbit's Moon
movie 1949 Puce Moment
movie 1947 Fireworks as Dreamer
movie 1947 Escape Episode
movie 1945 Drastic Demise
movie 1943 The Nest
movie 1942 Prisoner of Mars
movie 1942 Tinsel Tree
movie 1941 Who Has Been Rocking My Dreamboat
movie 1932 ¬°Que viva Mexico!

Kenneth Anger on Youtube

Here is the trailer for the upcoming January 23rd DVD release by Fantoma of THE FILMS OF KENNETH ANGER VOL. 1.

Trailer for the Fantoma DVD release of THE FILMS OF KENNETH ANGER VOL. 2 coming October 2nd, 2007.

Kenneth Anger visiting The Abbey of Thelema (16 minutes 2010) - In 2004, after almost fifty years, Kenneth Anger made a second visit to The Abbey of Thelema ...

Dir. Elio Gelmini 2006 72 min. Canada "Anger Me" documents the life and works of Kenneth Anger, pivotal figure in the history of experimental film. A major p...