Kenneth Casey

Kenneth Casey (10 January 1899 ? 10 August 1965) was a United States composer, publisher, author and child actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Kenneth Casey Filmography

movie 1929 After the Round-Up as Himself
movie 1920 The Adventurer as Lazarillo
movie 1913 Cutey and the Twins
movie 1913 Heartease as One of the Sons
movie 1913 In the Shadow as Neighbor Boy
movie 1913 The Feudists as Young Boy
movie 1913 The White Slave; or, The Octoroon
movie 1913 When Bobby Forgot as Bobby
movie 1912 A Juvenile Love Affair as Alvin Strong - the Boy
movie 1912 A Story of the Circus as Kenneth - the Little Boy
movie 1912 An Innocent Theft as Little Malcolm
movie 1912 Bumps as Kenneth - the Little Clown
movie 1912 Captain Jenks' Dilemma as One of Widow Brown's Children
movie 1912 Fate's Awful Jest as Joey, Heinrichs' Son
movie 1912 Father and Son as Jack as a Boy
movie 1912 How Tommy Saved His Father as Tommy Barton
movie 1912 Ingenuity as Fred
movie 1912 The Black Wall as Another Miner's Son
movie 1912 The Eavesdropper as Billy
movie 1912 The Higher Mercy as Tad, Lincoln's Son
movie 1912 The Man Under the Bed as Little Billy - the Son
movie 1912 The Old Silver Watch as Frank - the Little Boy Who Ran Away from Home
movie 1912 Three Girls and a Man
movie 1912 Tom Tilling's Baby as Tom Tilling
movie 1912 Vultures and Doves
movie 1911 A Little Lad in Dixie
movie 1911 A Tale of Two Cities as Duke's Son in Early Scenes
movie 1911 Barriers Burned Away as Frank - John's Son
movie 1911 Cherry Blossoms as Billie as a Boy
movie 1911 Consuming Love; or, St. Valentine's Day in Greenaway Land
movie 1911 Daddy's Boy and Mammy as Bobbie Mason - the Boy
movie 1911 Hungry Hearts; or, The Children of Social Favorites as Their Son Dick
movie 1911 Mammy's Ghost
movie 1911 The Child Crusoes as Jack - A Young Stowaway
movie 1911 The Clown's Best Performance as Paul Linton - the Little Boy
movie 1911 The Derelict Reporter as Boy
movie 1911 The Little Spy as Jack Foshay - the Little Spy
movie 1911 The Long Skirt as One of the Children
movie 1911 The Misses Finch and Their Nephew Billy as Billy
movie 1911 The Show Girl
movie 1911 Wig Wag as Willie Van Duyn - the Son
movie 1910 A Lunatic at Large
movie 1910 A Tin-Type Romance as Little Boy
movie 1910 Chew Chew Land; or, The Adventures of Dolly and Jim as Jim
movie 1910 Drumsticks as The Little Boy
movie 1910 Jean Goes Fishing
movie 1910 Mario's Swan Song
movie 1910 Over the Garden Wall
movie 1910 Ransomed; or, A Prisoner of War as Little Ned - Captain Jack's Son
movie 1910 The Children's Revolt
movie 1910 Two Waifs and a Stray as Dick
movie 1909 We Must Do Our Best

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