Kent Smith

Kent Smith Filmography

tv movie 2007 Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows as Various roles
tv movie 1982 Henry Fonda: The Man and His Movies as Himself
movie 1977 Billy Jack Goes to Washington as Senator Joe Foley
tv series 1976 Once an Eagle as Gen. Jacklyn
tv movie 1974 Murder or Mercy as Judge
tv movie 1974 The Disappearance of Flight 412 as Gen. Enright
movie 1973 Cops and Robbers as Bit part
movie 1973 Lost Horizon as Bill Fergunson
movie 1973 Maurie as Dr. Walker
tv movie 1973 The Affair as Mr. Patterson
tv movie 1973 The Cat Creature as Frank Lucas
tv movie 1972 Another Part of the Forest as Simon Isham
movie 1972 Die Sister, Die! as Dr. Thorne
movie 1972 Pete 'n' Tillie as Father Keating
tv movie 1972 Probe as Dr. Edward Laurent
tv movie 1972 The Crooked Hearts as James Simpson
tv movie 1972 The Judge and Jake Wyler as Robert Dodd
tv movie 1972 The Night Stalker as D.A. Paine
tv movie 1971 The Last Child as Gus Iverson
tv movie 1970 How Awful About Allan as Raymond
movie 1970 The Games as Kaverley
movie 1969 Death of a Gunfighter as Andrew Oxley
movie 1968 Assignment to Kill as Mr. Eversley
movie 1968 Kona Coast as Akamai
movie 1967 A Covenant with Death as Parmalee
movie 1967 Games as Harry Gordon
movie 1967 The Money Jungle as Paul Kimmel
movie 1966 The Trouble with Angels as Uncle George
movie 1964 A Distant Trumpet as Secretary of War
movie 1964 The Young Lovers as Dr. Shoemaker
movie 1964 Youngblood Hawke as Paul Winter Sr.
movie 1963 The Balcony as General
movie 1962 Moon Pilot as Secretary of the Air Force
movie 1961 Susan Slade as Dr. Fane
movie 1960 Strangers When We Meet as Stanley Baxter
movie 1959 This Earth Is Mine as Francis Fairon
movie 1958 Imitation General as Brig. Gen. Charles Lane
movie 1958 Party Girl as Jeffrey Stewart
movie 1958 The Badlanders as Cyril Lounsberry
movie 1958 The Mugger as Dr. Pete Graham
tv movie 1957 General Motors 50th Anniversary Show as Himself
movie 1957 Sayonara as General Webster
movie 1956 Comanche as Quanah Parker
tv movie 1954 Crusader Against Cruelty as Henry Bergh
tv movie 1954 King Richard II as Bolingbroke
tv series 1953 The Philip Morris Playhouse as Host
movie 1952 Paula as John Rogers
movie 1950 The Damned Don't Cry as Martin Blankford
movie 1950 This Side of the Law as David Cummins
movie 1949 My Foolish Heart as Lewis H. Wengler
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Peter Keating
movie 1947 Design for Death as Narrator
movie 1947 Magic Town as Hoopendecker
movie 1947 Nora Prentiss as Dr. Richard Talbot aka Robert Thompson
movie 1947 The Voice of the Turtle as Kenneth Bartlett
movie 1945 The Spiral Staircase as Dr. Parry
movie 1944 Resisting Enemy Interrogation as Capt. Reining - American Working for the Nazis
movie 1944 The Curse of the Cat People as Oliver 'Ollie' Reed
movie 1944 Youth Runs Wild as Danny Coates
movie 1943 Forever and a Day as Gates Trimble Pomfret
movie 1943 Hitler's Children as Professor Nichols
movie 1943 This Land Is Mine as Paul Martin
movie 1943 Three Cadets as Captain A. Edwards
movie 1943 Three Russian Girls as John Hill
movie 1942 Cat People as Oliver Reed
movie 1936 The Garden Murder Case as Woode Swift

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Seniors come to friends day with high expectations, but got something they never saw coming... These seniors knew they were participating in a video, but did...

Book trailer for "Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed" By Kent Smith Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed is for anyone who has lost a loved one, sought a.

Trailer for the 1944 social drama, YOUTH RUNS WILD, starring Bonita Granville, Kent Smith, Jean Brooks and Glen Vernon.

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