Kerry Finlayson

Kerry Finlayson Filmography

movie 2015 Horror House 2 as Actress
movie 2015 Le Grand Jete
movie 2013 Brests of the Southland Wild as Teacher
video movie 2013 Incendiary teaser as Herself
movie 2013 Trippy as Emma
video movie 2013 M Is for Monoxide
movie 2013 Date Night: The Web Series
movie 2013 The Reunion
movie 2012 Be Careful What You Wish For as Anna
movie 2012 Blood Rush as Kara
movie 2012 Chasing Happiness as Jess Class 1
movie 2012 Horror House as Anna
movie 2012 Smasheroo as Paige
movie 2012 The Degenerates as Juliet Queer
movie 2012 A Daughter's Pain
movie 2012 Romantic Hideaway
movie 2012 The Moment
movie 2011 Squirrel's Boner as Pee Wee
movie 2011 Street Kings: Doc vs. Gigsaw as Host as Herself
movie 2011 Conversations with Lucifer
movie 2010 Reunited as Nurse Nancy
movie 2010 The Hind Side as Daughter
movie 2010 Blue Ridge
movie 2010 Suicide Dolls
movie 2010 Wid Winner and the Slipstream
movie 2009 Don't Press Benjamin's Buttons as Daughter
video movie 2009 Still Waiting... as Nice Girl
movie 2009 31 North 62 East
movie 2008 Bedfellows as Rachel
movie 2008 Hooray for Holly Wood as Holly Wood
movie 2008 My Evil Sisters as Frenchy
movie 2008 Gone Fishing
movie 2007 Homo Erectus as Amazon Woman
movie 2006 Flutter as Stella
movie 2005 Finding Harry as Christine
movie 2005 Heist as Rachel Trent
movie 2005 Untitled Composition #1 as Mary-Jane
movie 2002 Cold Comfort for Change as Emma
movie 1999 It's Only a Dream as Heather
movie P415 as Samantha
movie Shadows from the Sky as Jo Richards
movie Trust as Nicole Kowalski
movie Incendiary
movie The Million Dollar Man

Kerry Finlayson on Youtube

Home sweet horror. Five stories, one house of fear. Would you live here? Now available on VOD from Brain Damage Films: ...

When a small town is overcome with a blood lust. The local witch doctor is thought to be the source. What they don't know is that he has a different agenda. ...

Kerry Finlayson * Producer- Gone Fishing Short Film - Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival.

Held at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood on 4/29/12, Blood Rush had its world premiere. The event started with red carpet arrivals and ended with a rece...