Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore Filmography

movie 2013 I Give It a Year as Toastmaster
movie 2013 The House and Everything as Lawrence
movie 2012 Tezz as The Priest
movie 2009 Holy Water as Auctioneer
tv movie 2008 50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases as Bishop O'Neill
tv movie 2006 Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! as Director
movie 2004 If Only as Hotel Employee
movie 2003 Johnny English as Doctor
tv movie 2003 Love Again as Radio Interviewer
movie 2002 Fogbound as Vicar
movie 1998 The Wolves of Kromer as The Priest
movie 1997 Fierce Creatures as Hotel Manager
movie 1991 Under Suspicion as Barrister
movie 1983 Ascendancy as RUC Officer
tv movie 1982 How Many Miles to Babylon? as Corporal O'Keefe
movie 1979 Follow You Follow Me as Peter's Father
movie 1978 Here Come the Tigers as 'Eaglescout' Terwilliger
movie 1971 The Life and Times of Chester-Angus Ramsgood

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Kevin Moore in Crocodiles in Cream A portrait of Lewis Carroll drawing from his diaries, letters, poems and stories, taking the aud...

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