Kim Hamilton

Kim Hamilton Filmography

tv series 1993 Trade Winds as Madame DeGaulle
movie 1981 Body and Soul as Mrs. Johnson
tv movie 1979 Stone as Carla Brown
tv movie 1978 A Family Upside Down as Paula
tv movie 1978 Doctors' Private Lives as Kitty
tv movie 1978 Lady of the House as Mary
tv series 1978 Tarzan and the Super 7 as Microwoman
tv movie 1977 The Fat Albert Christmas Special as Marge Franklin
movie 1973 Heavy Traffic
movie 1971 Kotch as Emma Daly
tv movie 1971 Mooch Goes to Hollywood as Nurse
tv movie 1967 Me and Benjy as Vivian
movie 1966 The Wild Angels as Nurse
tv series 1965 Days of Our Lives as Penelope Wade
tv series 1963 General Hospital as Dr. Tracy Adams
movie 1962 To Kill a Mockingbird as Helen Robinson - Tom's Wife
movie 1960 The Leech Woman as Young Malla
movie 1960 The Wizard of Baghdad as Teegra - Yasmin's Servant
movie 1959 Odds Against Tomorrow as Ruth Ingram
movie 1957 Something of Value as Kipi's Wife
tv series 1952 The Guiding Light as Victoria Spaulding

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