King Baggot

William King Baggot (November 7, 1879 ? July 11, 1948) was an American actor, director and screenwriter. He was an internationally famous movie star of the silent era. The first individually publicized leading man in America, Baggot was referred to as "King of the Movies," "The Most Photographed Man in the World" and "The Man Whose Face Is As Familiar As The Man In The Moon." ... more on Wikipedia

King Baggot Filmography

tv movie 2011 Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films as Himself
tv movie 1998 Universal Horror
movie 1947 Good News as Man at Coat Check Counter
movie 1947 Merton of the Movies as Man in Audience
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Bank Employee
movie 1946 Holiday in Mexico
movie 1946 The Postman Always Rings Twice as Courtroom Spectator
movie 1946 The Secret Heart as Man at Graduation Ceremony
movie 1945 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood as Barbershop Patron
movie 1945 Our Vines Have Tender Grapes as Churchgoer
movie 1945 Phantoms, Inc. as Photo of Con Artist
movie 1945 The Clock as Man in Subway
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Goldtown Citizen
movie 1943 Air Raid Wardens as Townsman at Meeting
movie 1943 Swing Fever as Nightclub Patron
movie 1942 A Yank at Eton as Man on the Street
movie 1942 Fingers at the Window as Psychiatrist at Lecture
movie 1942 Her Cardboard Lover as Police Officer in Courtroom
movie 1942 Jackass Mail as Old Miner
movie 1942 Rio Rita as Hotel Guest
movie 1942 Tish as Man on Street
movie 1941 Come Live with Me as Doorman
movie 1941 Honky Tonk as Townsman
movie 1941 The Big Store as Store Employee
movie 1941 The Penalty as Man in Bank
movie 1941 Ziegfeld Girl as Man in Audience
movie 1940 I Take This Woman as Man in Subway
movie 1940 The Philadelphia Story as Extra as Wedding Guest
movie 1939 6,000 Enemies as Prisoner Charlie
movie 1939 Dancing Co-Ed as Man in Casting Office
movie 1938 Boys Town as Derelict in Mission Next to Weasel
movie 1938 Opening Day as Baseball Fan
movie 1938 Snow Gets in Your Eyes as Department Store Customer
movie 1938 That Mothers Might Live as Passerby
movie 1937 A Day at the Races as Race Track Official Starter
movie 1937 A Night at the Movies as Movie Patron
movie 1937 Broadway Melody of 1938 as Boardinghouse Resident
movie 1937 It May Happen to You as Man in Hospital
movie 1937 Parnell as Man in Office
movie 1937 The Emperor's Candlesticks as Customs Official
movie 1937 Torture Money as False Accident Witness
movie 1936 Mad Holiday as Film Director
movie 1936 San Francisco as Earthquake Extra
movie 1936 Sworn Enemy as Accident Witness
movie 1936 The Adventures of Frank Merriwell as Chemistry Professor
movie 1936 The Devil-Doll as Detective Pierre
movie 1936 We Went to College as Hotel Waiter
movie 1935 A Night at the Opera as Dignitary
movie 1935 A Notorious Gentleman as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 Chinatown Squad as Patrol Wagon Guard
movie 1935 I've Been Around as Doorman
movie 1935 It Happened in New York as Policeman
movie 1935 Mississippi as Gambler
movie 1935 Night Life of the Gods as Lobby Extra
movie 1935 She Gets Her Man as Businessman
movie 1935 Sweepstake Annie as Motion Picture Studio Executive
movie 1935 The Call of the Savage as Dr. Pierce [Ch. 1]
movie 1935 Three Kids and a Queen as Druggist
movie 1934 Beloved as Second Doctor
movie 1934 Cheating Cheaters as Official
movie 1934 Father Brown, Detective as Priest
movie 1934 Romance in the Rain as Milton McGillicuddy
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as Airplane Inspector [Ch. 1]
movie 1934 The Black Cat as Cultist
movie 1934 The Love Captive as Cop
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Townsman
movie 1933 I Loved a Woman as Banker
movie 1933 Only Yesterday
movie 1933 Skyway as Aggressive Carnival Troublemaker
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Police Officer
movie 1932 Girl of the Rio as Maitre d'hotel, Purple Pigeon Cafe
movie 1932 Hello Trouble as Ranger Captain J.C. White
movie 1932 Police Court as Henry Field, Movie Director
movie 1932 The Big Flash as Hinkle - Daily News Editor
movie 1932 The Death Kiss as Al Payne
movie 1932 What Price Hollywood? as Department Head
movie 1931 Graft as Ship's Captain
movie 1931 Scareheads as King Bailey, a Policeman
movie 1931 Sweepstakes as Mike - Weber's Trainer
movie 1931 The Bad Sister as Policeman on Street
movie 1931 Sporting Chance
movie 1930 Czar of Broadway as Dane Harper
movie 1930 Once a Gentleman as Van Warner
movie 1928 Romance of a Rogue
movie 1928 The House of Scandal
movie 1927 Down the Stretch
movie 1927 Perch of the Devil
movie 1927 The Notorious Lady
movie 1926 Lovey Mary
movie 1925 The Home Maker
movie 1925 Raffles
movie 1925 Tumbleweeds
movie 1924 The Gaiety Girl
movie 1924 The Tornado
movie 1924 The Whispered Name
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 3 as Himself
movie 1923 The Thrill Chaser as Himself
movie 1923 Crossed Wires
movie 1923 The Darling of New York
movie 1923 Gossip
movie 1923 The Love Letter
movie 1923 The Town Scandal
movie 1922 A Dangerous Game
movie 1922 Human Hearts
movie 1922 Kissed
movie 1922 The Kentucky Derby
movie 1922 The Lavender Bath Lady
movie 1921 Snowy Baker
movie 1921 The Butterfly Girl as H.H. Van Horn
movie 1921 The Girl in the Taxi as Maj. Frederick Smith
movie 1921 The Shadow of Lightning Ridge
movie 1921 Cheated Love
movie 1921 Luring Lips
movie 1921 Moonlight Follies
movie 1921 Nobody's Fool
movie 1920 Life's Twist as Jim Sargent
movie 1920 The Cheater as Lord Asgarby
movie 1920 The Dwelling Place of Light as Brooks Insall
movie 1920 The Forbidden Thing as Dave
movie 1920 The Thirtieth Piece of Silver as Tyler Cole
movie 1919 The Hawk's Trail as Sheldon Steele
movie 1919 The Man Who Stayed at Home as Christopher Brent
movie 1918 Building for Democracy as The Husband
movie 1918 I'll Fix It
movie 1918 Kildare of Storm as Basil Kildare
movie 1918 Mission of the War Chest
movie 1918 The Eagle's Eye as Harrison Grant
movie 1917 The Boonton Affair as Jack Walton
movie 1917 Undoing Evil
movie 1916 Are You an Elk? as Stewart King
movie 1916 Half a Rogue as Richard Warrington
movie 1916 His Own Story as Himself - King Baggot
movie 1916 Jim Slocum No. 46393 as Jim Slocum
movie 1916 Patterson of the News as Jack Patterson
movie 1916 The Captain of the Typhoon as Angus Steele
movie 1916 The Chance Market as John Marmaduke
movie 1916 The Haunted Bell as John Lane
movie 1916 The Hoax House as Frank King
movie 1916 The Law of Life as Robert McKenzie
movie 1916 The Lie Sublime as Julian Ormond
movie 1916 The Man Across the Street as John Warren
movie 1916 The Man from Nowhere as James Herron
movie 1916 The Silent Stranger as The Silent Stranger
movie 1916 The Soul Man as John Rhoades
movie 1916 The Voice Upstairs
movie 1916 Won with a Make-Up as William King
movie 1915 A Life in the Balance as Dr. Savage
movie 1915 A Strange Disappearance as Andrew Blake
movie 1915 Almost a Papa as Tom Conley
movie 1915 An All Around Mistake as John Goody
movie 1915 An Oriental Romance as Hop Kung
movie 1915 At the Banquet Table as Sheerl Jones
movie 1915 Crime's Triangle as John Small
movie 1915 Fifty-Fifty as David Briggs
movie 1915 His Home Coming as Will Move
movie 1915 His New Automobile as King Drake
movie 1915 Man or Money? as Donald Britt
movie 1915 Mismated as The Shoe Clerk
movie 1915 One Night as The Crook
movie 1915 Pressing His Suit as King
movie 1915 The City of Terrible Night as Walter Herron
movie 1915 The Corsican Brothers as Louis de Franchi
movie 1915 The Five Pound Note as Lord Avon Ledgard
movie 1915 The Marble Heart as Raphael
movie 1915 The Millionaire Engineer as Daniel Spencer
movie 1915 The New Jitney in Town as Drake, the Salesman
movie 1915 The Only Child as Papa
movie 1915 The Reward as Jack Hutchinson
movie 1915 The Riddle of the Silk Stockings as King Cole
movie 1915 The Story the Silk Hats Told as All Seven Roles
movie 1915 The Streets of Make Believe as Bert Wall
movie 1915 The Suburban as Donald Gordon
movie 1915 Three Times and Out as Jack
movie 1915 Tony as Tony
movie 1914 A Mexican Warrior as The Warrior
movie 1914 Absinthe as Jean Dumas
movie 1914 Across the Atlantic as Wilbur Norton
movie 1914 Human Hearts as Tom Logan
movie 1914 Jim Webb, Senator as Jim Webb
movie 1914 King the Detective in Formula 879 as Cecil Disney
movie 1914 King the Detective in the Marine Mystery as King, the Detective
movie 1914 Notoriety as King, the Actor
movie 1914 One Best Bet as Jack
movie 1914 Shadows as 10 characterizations
movie 1914 The Baited Trap as Dennis
movie 1914 The Blood Test as Walter Johnson
movie 1914 The Box Couch as The Husband
movie 1914 The Flaming Diagram as Erickson, Jr.
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 The Man Who Was Misunderstood as Ned Jackson
movie 1914 The Militant as Sir Arthur Braham
movie 1914 The Mill Stream as Jack Thornby
movie 1914 The Old Guard
movie 1914 The Silent Valley
movie 1914 The Touch of a Child as Paul Vivian
movie 1914 The Treasure Train as John Armstrong
movie 1914 The Turn of the Tide as Tom Walters
movie 1914 The Universal Boy as Himself
movie 1913 Dr. Bunion as Dr. Bunion
movie 1913 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Dr. Henry Jekyll
movie 1913 Gold Is Not All as Karl - the Composer
movie 1913 Ivanhoe as Wilfred of Ivanhoe
movie 1913 King Danforth Retires as King Danforth
movie 1913 King the Detective in the Jarvis Case as King, the Detective
movie 1913 Love vs. Law as Jack
movie 1913 Mr. and Mrs. Innocence Abroad
movie 1913 She Slept Through It All as Mr. Newlywed
movie 1913 The Actor's Christmas as The Actor
movie 1913 The Anarchist as The Anarchist
movie 1913 The Bearer of Burdens as John Strong
movie 1913 The Child Stealers of Paris as Banker
movie 1913 The Comedian's Mask as The Comedian
movie 1913 The Heart That Sees as The Optician
movie 1913 The Leader of His Flock as The Minister
movie 1913 The Old Melody as Silas Grubb
movie 1913 The Return of Tony as Tony
movie 1913 The Rise of Officer 174 as Officer 174
movie 1913 The Stranger as Elbert Havens
movie 1913 The Wanderer as The Shepherd
movie 1913 To Reno and Back as The Husband
movie 1913 Traffic in Souls
movie 1913 The Wizard of the Jungle
movie 1912 A Cave Man Wooing as George - the 'Sissy' Hero
movie 1912 A Child's Influence as Godfrey Clark
movie 1912 A Happy Family as 1st Husband
movie 1912 A Modern Highwayman as Noah Prescott
movie 1912 A Strange Case as Gerald Vaughn
movie 1912 After Many Years as Harry Chilton
movie 1912 Blood Is Thicker Than Water as Officer of the Northwest Mounted Police
movie 1912 Caught in a Flash as Jack Gayboy
movie 1912 Far from the Beaten Track as Nat Simms - a Trapper
movie 1912 His Other Self as The Lover and His Other Self
movie 1912 Human Hearts as Tom Logan
movie 1912 In Old Tennessee as Jim Howard
movie 1912 John Sterling, Alderman as John Sterling
movie 1912 King the Detective and the Smugglers as King the Detective
movie 1912 Lady Audley's Secret as George Talboys
movie 1912 Let No Man Put Asunder as John Stevens - The Good Man
movie 1912 Mamma's Boy
movie 1912 Officer One Seven Four as Officer 174
movie 1912 Shamus O'Brien as Shamus O'Brien
movie 1912 Tempted But True as John Prentiss - a Blacksmith
movie 1912 The Breakdown as Huntley Sharpe
movie 1912 The Bridal Room as Tom Walsh
movie 1912 The Castaway as Joseph Lee, the Castaway
movie 1912 The Dawn of Conscience
movie 1912 The Immigrant's Violin as Albert Radley
movie 1912 The Kid and the Sleuth as Nick Carter
movie 1912 The Lie as Captain Robert Evans
movie 1912 The Loan Shark as Dr. Fenton
movie 1912 The Man from the West as Steve Jackson - the Man from the West
movie 1912 The Millionaire Cop as Jack Gardner
movie 1912 The Parson and the Moonshiner as The Parson
movie 1912 The Peril as Lt. Pond
movie 1912 The Power of Conscience as Eric Masters
movie 1912 The Romance of an Old Maid as Frank Rogers - a Widower
movie 1912 The Schemers as Arthur Dennison
movie 1912 The Tables Turned as Mr. Despard
movie 1912 The Trinity as Heinrich - the Young Painter
movie 1912 The Winning Miss
movie 1912 The World Weary Man as A Young Millionaire Bachelor
movie 1912 Through Shadowed Vales as Roy Erlynne
movie 1912 Through the Flames as John Allen
movie 1912 Up Against It as Amos Bentley
movie 1912 Winning the Latonia Derby as Howard Clews
movie 1911 A Lesson to Husbands as Jack Armstrong
movie 1911 A Pair of Gloves as Jim Robertson
movie 1911 An Imaginary Elopement as Guy Judson
movie 1911 At a Quarter of Two as Dan Nolan - the Burglar
movie 1911 At the Duke's Command as Edward, the Duke's Nephew
movie 1911 Back to the Soil
movie 1911 By Registered Mail as Amos Grantley - the Father
movie 1911 Dorothy's Family as Dorothy's First Suitor
movie 1911 Executive Clemency as Dan Fuller
movie 1911 For the Queen's Honor as The King
movie 1911 In the Sultan's Garden as Lt. Robins
movie 1911 King, the Detective as King - the Detective
movie 1911 Over the Hills as Wayne Holland
movie 1911 Phone 1707 Chester as Ralph Vincent
movie 1911 Pictureland as Pablo
movie 1911 Science as Dr. Crawford
movie 1911 Second Sight as Tom Moorland
movie 1911 Sweet Memories as Edward Jackson
movie 1911 The Battle of the Wills as Dr. Roy Crawford
movie 1911 The Better Way as Louis Perry - a Reformed Crook
movie 1911 The Brothers as Patrick Curran
movie 1911 The Call of the Song as Hugh Norton
movie 1911 The Fair Dentist as Dental Patient
movie 1911 The Girl and the Half-Back as Victor Fisher
movie 1911 The Haunted House
movie 1911 The Lover's Signal as Raymond Williams
movie 1911 The Master and the Man as Basil King - the Master
movie 1911 The Minor Chord as Carl Denmitz - a Poor Violinist
movie 1911 The Mirror
movie 1911 The Penniless Prince as Prince Gustave
movie 1911 The Piece of String as Anton Paxton
movie 1911 The Scarlet Letter as Reverend Dimmesdale
movie 1911 The Secret of the Palm as Cecil Abbott
movie 1911 The Temptress as Gilbert Irving
movie 1911 The Wife's Awakening as Enoch Harrington
movie 1911 Through the Air as Jack Baldwin
movie 1911 Tony and the Stork as Tony
movie 1911 Tracked as Roger Densmore
movie 1911 Waiting at the Church as Harry Graham - the Bridegroom
movie 1911 Where There's Life, There's Hope as Alfred King
movie 1911 The Rose's Story as Gerald Kinney
movie 1910 A Discontented Woman
movie 1910 A Game for Two as Clark, the Best Friend
movie 1910 A Reno Romance
movie 1910 A Self-Made Hero
movie 1910 All the World's a Stage
movie 1910 Among the Roses
movie 1910 Bear Ye One Another's Burdens as George Rand
movie 1910 Debt
movie 1910 His Second Wife
movie 1910 His Sick Friend
movie 1910 Jane and the Stranger as The Stranger
movie 1910 Justice in the Far North
movie 1910 Mother Love as The Husband
movie 1910 Never Again
movie 1910 Old Heads and Young Hearts
movie 1910 Once Upon a Time
movie 1910 Pressed Roses
movie 1910 The Aspirations of Gerald and Percy as Gerald
movie 1910 The Blind Man's Tact
movie 1910 The Broken Oath
movie 1910 The Call of the Circus
movie 1910 The Coquette's Suitors
movie 1910 The Count of Montebello as Percy
movie 1910 The Doctor's Perfidy
movie 1910 The Double as Robert King
movie 1910 The Eternal Triangle as The Dashing Young Count
movie 1910 The Governor's Pardon as The Man
movie 1910 The Irony of Fate
movie 1910 The Maelstrom
movie 1910 The Miser's Daughter
movie 1910 The Mistake
movie 1910 The New Shawl
movie 1910 The Right of Love
movie 1910 The Rosary
movie 1910 The Stage Note
movie 1910 The Taming of Jane
movie 1910 The Tide of Fortune
movie 1910 The Time-Lock Safe
movie 1910 The Widow
movie 1910 The Winning Punch
movie 1910 Transfusion
movie 1910 Two Men as The Tenderfoot
movie 1910 Unreasonable Jealousy as The Doctor
movie 1909 Love's Stratagem as The Boy
movie 1909 The Awakening of Bess

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