Kitten Natividad

Kitten Natividad (born Francesca Isabel Natividad on February 14, 1948) is a Mexican American film actress and exotic dancer, noted for her 44-inch chest and appearances in cult films by her ex-partner, director Russ Meyer. ... more on Wikipedia

Kitten Natividad Filmography

movie 2014 Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story
movie 2013 Shhhh as Pearl
movie 2012 Into the Zone: The Story of the Cacophony Society as Herself
movie 2012 Satan's Angel: Queen of the Fire Tassels as Herself
video movie 2009 Busty Mature Vixens 5
movie 2009 Nightbeats as Lola
movie 2009 Sugar Boxx as Matron Mays
video movie 2008 Rock N Porn
video movie 2006 The Latin Brunhilde as Herself
video movie 2005 Faster Pussycat Fuck! Fuck! as Sally Sue
video movie 2005 Pornstar Pets as Herself
video movie 2005 Russ Meyer's Pussy Galore Nite
video movie 2004 Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's
video movie 2004 The Making of 'The Double-D Avenger'
movie 2001 Night at the Golden Eagle as Ruby
video movie 2001 The Double-D Avenger as Chastity Knott
movie 1999 Wadd: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes as Herself
video movie 1998 Cum Stoppers 13
movie 1998 The Treat as Dancer at Party
video movie 1997 Cafe Flesh 2 as Go-Go
movie 1997 Die 120 Tage von Bottrop as Herself
video movie 1997 The Best of Girls Around the World Hardcore Volume 2
video movie 1997 Zombie Gang Bangers as Bar Owner
movie 1996 United Trash as Martha Brenner
video movie 1996 Wild Wild Chest 3
video movie 1995 La cage aux zombies as Skateboarder
movie 1995 Red Lips as Amy
tv series 1995 Talking Blue
movie 1994 The Slice
movie 1993 Buford's Beach Bunnies as Madam #1
video movie 1992 Breast Worx 30 as Herself
movie 1992 Eddie Presley
video movie 1992 Fresh Tits of Bel Air
video movie 1992 Inside Out II as Busty Gusty
video movie 1992 Kitten Cums Back
video movie 1991 40 the Hard Way as Wife 3
video movie 1991 Big Boob Lottery
video movie 1991 Cum to Dinner as Aunt
video movie 1991 Sarah Young's Private Fantasies 4 as Buxom older woman
video movie 1991 Titillation 3 as Ma Baker
movie 1990 Another 48 Hrs. as Girl in Movie
video movie 1990 Ten Years of Big Busts 2
movie 1990 The Girl I Want as Miss Langusta
movie 1987 Takin' It All Off as Betty Bigones
video movie 1987 Thanks for the Mammories
movie 1986 Bad Girls IV as Woman in Pizza van
movie 1986 Best of Big Busty
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 40 as Herself
movie 1986 Famous Ta-Tas
movie 1986 Sex Game
movie 1986 Stiff Competition as Kitten
movie 1986 The Tomb as Stripper
movie 1985 Bodacious Ta' Ta's
movie 1985 Doin' Time as Tassie
video movie 1985 Takin' It Off as Betty Bigones
movie 1985 Ten Little Maidens as The Maillady
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 11
movie 1984 Let's Talk Sex as Dawn
movie 1984 Night Patrol as Big Bust
movie 1984 The Wild Life as Stripper #2
movie 1984 Wrestling Classics 2
video movie 1983 An Evening with Kitten as Herself
video movie 1983 Big Busty 3
movie 1983 Eat at the Blue Fox as Fluff
movie 1983 Eroticise
movie 1983 My Tutor as Ana Maria
movie 1982 Airplane II: The Sequel as Woman in 'Moral Majority' Shirt
video movie 1982 Electric Blue 5 as Kitten
movie 1982 Girls on Girls as Herself
movie 1982 Sizzle as Hostess
movie 1982 Titillation as Jerri
movie 1980 Airplane! as Bouncy Topless Woman on Plane
movie 1980 John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens
movie 1980 The Gong Show Movie as Performer
movie 1979 Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens as Lavonia
movie 1979 Sheer Panties as Guide
movie 1979 The Lady in Red as Partygoer
movie 1976 Deep Jaws
movie 1976 Up! as The Greek Chorus
movie 1972 The New Centurions as Go-Go Dancer in Bar

Kitten Natividad on Youtube

Trailer de la pelĂ­cula que supone el regreso de Tura Satana al lado de Kitten Natividad.

Theatrical trailer for SUGAR BOXX! Coming to DVD March 15, 2011! Or catch it on SHOWTIME!

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