Krista Lane

Krista Lane (February 26, 1959)is a former pornographic actress who achieved prominence as a lead during the mid to latter part of the 1980s. ... more on Wikipedia

Krista Lane Filmography

video movie 2004 Peter 'Big Unit' North
video movie 1996 Born for Sex
video movie 1995 Hot Crotch Coochies
video movie 1992 Play It Again... Samantha!
video movie 1991 Stars Who Do Deep Throat
video movie 1990 Bi-Heat 6
video movie 1990 Ladies Room as 1970s Stud's lover
movie 1990 Sweat 2
video movie 1990 Taste of Tiffany
movie 1989 At the Pornies
movie 1989 Honey Buns
movie 1989 Salsa Break
movie 1989 Samurai Cop
movie 1989 Submissive Women
video movie 1989 The Bitches of Westwood
video movie 1989 The Hottest Ticket
movie 1989 Thrilled to Death as Elaine Jackson
video movie 1988 'Ginger' Does Em' All as Pepper
movie 1988 Amanda by Night 2 as Melissa
movie 1988 Classic Pics
video movie 1988 Days Gone Bi
video movie 1988 Debbie Goes to Hawaii
movie 1988 Droid as Nicola
movie 1988 Empire of the Sins
movie 1988 Fatal Erection
video movie 1988 Greatest American Blonde
video movie 1988 Grind! as Billie Sutton
movie 1988 Lethal Woman
movie 1988 Lethal Woman 2
video movie 1988 Lez'be Friends
movie 1988 Mammary Lane
movie 1988 Nina Does 'em All
video movie 1988 No Man's Land: An All Female Fantasy as Penis Envy
video movie 1988 Portrait of an Affair as Bar Maid
video movie 1988 Princess of Penetration as Priscilla Slater
video movie 1988 Raging Hormones
video movie 1988 Right Tool for the Job as Pamela
video movie 1988 Robo Fox II: 'The Collector' as Doctor
video movie 1988 Suzie Superstar: The Search Continues!! as Mrs. S
video movie 1988 Taboo VI: The Obsession as Natasha
movie 1988 The Eleventh Commandment
video movie 1988 The Screwdriver Saloon
video movie 1988 Three-way Lust
movie 1988 Tight End as Bobbi Borden
video movie 1988 Wishbone as Madame Divine Bellew
video movie 1987 A Sticky Situation as Speedboat Girl
movie 1987 A Tasty Kind of Love
movie 1987 Born to Burn
video movie 1987 Breakin' All the Rules
movie 1987 Cabaret Sin as Nicola
video movie 1987 Captain Hooker & Peter Porn as Lady Patricia
movie 1987 Careena: Young and Restless
video movie 1987 Charmed Forces
video movie 1987 Club Bed
movie 1987 Deep Inside Trading as Stella DuBois
video movie 1987 Deep Throat II as Laura Liplock
video movie 1987 Diamond Head as Leilani
movie 1987 Die Liebesschule der Josefine Mutzenbacher
video movie 1987 Dirty Pictures
movie 1987 Easy Lovers
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 46 as College Professor
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 48 as Helen Goodbody
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 49 as Hortense
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 51 as Silk Garter Girl
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 52 as Zora Crumb
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 53 as Dr. Lamarr's Assistant
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 57 as Phoebe Smith
movie 1987 Erotic Therapy
movie 1987 Escort to Ecstasy
movie 1987 Fantasy Chamber
video movie 1987 Hard Choices as Gabby
movie 1987 Head Clinic
movie 1987 In Search of the Golden Bone as Louise Lacy
video movie 1987 Jane Bond Meets Golden Rod
movie 1987 Kinky
movie 1987 L.A. Raw as Christine Rosewater
video movie 1987 Lucky Charm
video movie 1987 Memoires of a Chamber Maid as Amy Rogers
movie 1987 Naughty Ninja Girls
video movie 1987 Nudes at Eleven II
video movie 1987 On the Loose
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
video movie 1987 Robofox as Dr. Pamela Moses
movie 1987 Seduction by Fire as Melanie
movie 1987 Sensations as Jenny Hunter
movie 1987 Sextrology as Marsha
movie 1987 Sexy and 18
movie 1987 Sexy Delights II
movie 1987 Sins of the Wealthy 2 as Allison Wellington
video movie 1987 Sky Foxes
video movie 1987 Star Cuts 70: Krista Lane
video movie 1987 Strictly Business
video movie 1987 Tastes Like Candy
video movie 1987 The Adultress
video movie 1987 The Art of Passion as Ms. Randall
video movie 1987 The Best Little Whorehouse in Hong Kong
video movie 1987 The Boss
video movie 1987 The Load Warrior
video movie 1987 Toys 4 Us 2
video movie 1987 Tracy Who?
video movie 1987 Two to Tango as Revolutionary
movie 1987 Unveiled
video movie 1987 What Ever Turns You On
video movie 1986 All for His Ladies
video movie 1986 And I Do Windows... Too!
video movie 1986 Behind Blue Eyes
video movie 1986 Beyond Thunderbone
video movie 1986 Blame It on Ginger as Mitzi
video movie 1986 Born to Run: The Careena Collins Story
video movie 1986 Caddy Shack Up
video movie 1986 Cat Alley as Simone de Cat
video movie 1986 Club Ginger as Aurora
movie 1986 Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio
video movie 1986 Dirty Harriet
video movie 1986 Double Penetration
movie 1986 Dressed to Thrill
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 35 as Constance Bothchilde
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 36 as Topless Dancer
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 44 as Luana Bwana
video movie 1986 Farmer's Daughters: The Movie as Wanda June
movie 1986 Finger Friggin'
video movie 1986 Forbidden Bodies
movie 1986 Free Ride as Nude Girl #2
video movie 1986 Hot Gun
video movie 1986 In Search of the Wild Beaver
movie 1986 In Search of... the Perfect '10' as Perfect Girl #7
video movie 1986 Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs as Octopussy
movie 1986 Love on the Borderline
video movie 1986 Lust at Sea
video movie 1986 Nudes at Eleven as Actress in 'Cat Alley'
video movie 1986 Ramb-Ohh!
video movie 1986 Sex Beat
movie 1986 Sins of the Wealthy
movie 1986 Sophisticated Women
movie 1986 Spies
video movie 1986 Take It Off
movie 1986 The Autobiography of Herman Flogger
movie 1986 The Brat as Sil
movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage as Nurse
video movie 1986 The Lust Potion of Doctor F
movie 1986 Tunnel of Love
movie 1985 Dial a Dick
video movie 1985 Lonesome Ladies 2

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