Kristara Barrington

Kristara Barrington (born November 22, 1965) is a former pornographic actress of Eurasian ancestry. Her appearance allowed her to switch between playing Asian and European roles. ... more on Wikipedia

Kristara Barrington Filmography

video movie 2012 Lasbian Lunch's of the 80's
video movie 2008 Assfucking in the 80's
video movie 2003 Tits Up Taipei
video movie 2002 Ultimate Ginger Lynn
video movie 1996 The Butt Sisters Do Houston
video movie 1995 Girls on Girls
video movie 1994 American Dream Girls 2
video movie 1994 Let's Face It
video movie 1991 Backing In 2
movie 1991 Postcards from Abroad
video movie 1990 Backing In
video movie 1990 Keisha
video movie 1989 Detroit Dames
movie 1989 Fire in the Hole
video movie 1989 Fuck My Ass, No Lube!
movie 1989 Fucking Hitchhikers
video movie 1989 Legends of Porn II
video movie 1989 Outrageous Orgies 5
movie 1989 Submissive Women
video movie 1988 'Exotic' Sin-Sations
movie 1988 A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales as The Harem
movie 1988 Baby Face 2
video movie 1988 Backdoor Bonanza 8
video movie 1988 Billionaire Girls Club
video movie 1988 Broadcast Nudes
movie 1988 Chicks in Black Leather
movie 1988 China and Silk as Lily Chang
video movie 1988 Cumshot Revue 3
movie 1988 Droid as Geisha
movie 1988 Empire of the Sins
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 4
movie 1988 Peeping Tom as Party Girl
video movie 1988 Rear Busters
video movie 1988 Screaming Rage
movie 1988 Stephanie's Outrageous
video movie 1988 Tawnee Be Good
video movie 1988 The Sleazy Detective
video movie 1987 Best of Caught from Behind
movie 1987 Cabaret Sin as Geisha
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 9
video movie 1987 DreamGirls as Magazine Model
movie 1987 Ecstasy Girls II as Publisher
video movie 1987 Flesh for Fantasies
movie 1987 Girl Games
video movie 1987 Girls Who Dig Girls 3
movie 1987 Loose Morals
video movie 1987 Loving Spoonfuls
movie 1987 Oral Majority 4
video movie 1987 Sex Maniacs
movie 1987 Striptease
video movie 1987 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 4 as Party Girl
movie 1987 The Big Bang
video movie 1987 The Hottest Show in Town as Fujiko
video movie 1986 A Dark Side of the Moon
video movie 1986 Another Kind of Love
video movie 1986 Aroused as Reiko
movie 1986 Bachelor's Paradise
video movie 1986 Backdoor Bonanza 2
video movie 1986 Best of Collector's Video
video movie 1986 Beverly Hills Copulator as Grace Fischer
movie 1986 Beyond Desire as Manny's Asian Girl
movie 1986 Bionic Babes
video movie 1986 Black to the the Future
movie 1986 Black Valley Girls
video movie 1986 Cornholed Hussies
movie 1986 Crazy with the Heat as Simone
video movie 1986 Deep & Wet as Josephine
video movie 1986 Dirty Dreams
movie 1986 Double Standards as Eve
movie 1986 Double Trouble
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 42 as Geisha
video movie 1986 Erotic Penetration
movie 1986 Finger Friggin'
video movie 1986 Getting L.A.'d
video movie 1986 Girls Girls Girls
video movie 1986 Hidden Fantasies as Suzy Miller
video movie 1986 I Know What Girls Like
video movie 1986 Jane Bond Meets Octopussy as Octopussy
video movie 1986 Kiss of the Married Woman
video movie 1986 Lessons with My Aunt as Juanita the Maid
movie 1986 Lust with the Stranger
video movie 1986 Rambone Does Hollywood as Maid
video movie 1986 Secret Mistress as Hilary
movie 1986 Sheets of San Francisco as Heather Bush
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 1: Kristara Barrington
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 26: Kristara Barrington
movie 1986 Stiff Competition as Swinger in White
movie 1986 Taboo III as Groupie 1
movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage
video movie 1986 The Ginger Effect as Sally
movie 1986 The Joystick Girls
video movie 1986 The Rocky Porno Video Show as Venus
video movie 1986 The Year of the Sex Dragon as Jade
video movie 1986 W-PINK II
movie 1986 West Coast Girls
video movie 1986 Wild Orgies
video movie 1986 WPINK-tv 2
video movie 1986 Young Nympho as Silky
video movie 1985 Adult 45 as Kristara
movie 1985 All in the Family as Mom
movie 1985 An Unnatural Act as Tennis Girl - Oriental
video movie 1985 Another Roll in the Hay as Bessie Lou
video movie 1985 Backdoor to Happiness
video movie 1985 Battle of the Stars, Round 2: East vs. West
movie 1985 Caught from Behind 3
movie 1985 Coming Together
video movie 1985 Country Girl as Virginia
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
movie 1985 Debbie Does Dallas III: [The Final Chapter] as Cheerleader
video movie 1985 Deep Chill
video movie 1985 Deliveries in the Rear
video movie 1985 Dr. Strange Sex
movie 1985 Educating Eva
video movie 1985 Electric Blue 21 as Dragon Lady
video movie 1985 Electric Blue 22 as Salon Customer
movie 1985 Every Man's Fantasy as Stewardess
video movie 1985 Fallen Angels as Herself
movie 1985 Firefoxes
video movie 1985 Flash Trance
video movie 1985 Free and Foxy
video movie 1985 Ginger as Tamayo
video movie 1985 Grand Opening
video movie 1985 Hill St. Blacks as Hooker
video movie 1985 Hot Sweet Honey
video movie 1985 House of Lust as Debbie's Sister
video movie 1985 Jawbreakers
movie 1985 Little Girls Talking Dirty as Hari
video movie 1985 Lonesome Ladies 2
movie 1985 Losing Control
movie 1985 New Wave Hookers as Kammy
movie 1985 Nice n' Tight as Vicky
video movie 1985 One Night in Bangkok
movie 1985 Oriental Jade as Jade
movie 1985 Passage to Ecstasy
video movie 1985 Perfect Fit as Second Catfight Girl
movie 1985 Pleasure Party
movie 1985 Raffles
movie 1985 Sex Academy
movie 1985 Sex Toys as Annie
video movie 1985 Sexual Pursuit
movie 1985 Slave Exchange
movie 1985 Super Chic
video movie 1985 Surfside Sex
movie 1985 Tailenders
video movie 1985 Tailhouse Rock
movie 1985 Tasty as Sally Kramer
movie 1985 Tease Me
video movie 1985 Teenage Games
video movie 1985 The Heat Is On
movie 1985 The Loves of Lolita as Mrs. Wong
movie 1985 The Lust Bug
video movie 1985 The Lusty Adventurer as Girl from Steno Pool
video movie 1985 The Pleasure Seekers
video movie 1985 Two Timing Traci as Erica
video movie 1985 Untamed
video movie 1985 Wicked Whispers
movie 1984 A Taste of Paradise
video movie 1984 B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Body)
video movie 1984 Bad Girls III
video movie 1984 Dr. A. Long's Divan as Sue Lin the Secretary
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 18 as Orgy Member
movie 1984 Erotic Aerobics
movie 1984 Every Woman Has a Fantasy as Connie
movie 1984 Formula 69
video movie 1984 Girls That Love Girls
movie 1984 Give It to Me as Lydia Laymen
movie 1984 Hot Bodies
movie 1984 Hot Flashes
video movie 1984 Hot Licks as Babette
movie 1984 Inside China Lee as China Lee
movie 1984 Jailhouse Girls as Jane
movie 1984 Kinky Business as Asian Hooker
movie 1984 Little Often Annie as Guest
movie 1984 Long Hard Nights
video movie 1984 Make Me Feel It! as Fran
movie 1984 Oriental Lesbian Fantasies as Pregnant Woman in Waiting Room
movie 1984 Samurai Dick
movie 1984 Supergirls Do General Hospital as Candy Striper
movie 1984 Supergirls Do the Navy as Andi
movie 1984 Swinging Shift
movie 1984 Taking Off as Ming
movie 1984 The Awakening of Salley
movie 1984 Tongue 'n Cheek
movie 1984 Up in the Air
movie 1984 X Factor as Mai Ling
movie 1984 Yankee Seduction
video movie 1983 Triple Play
movie 1983 Women's Secret Desires

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