Kristen Swanbeck

Kristen Swanbeck Filmography

movie 2013 Joy de V.
movie 2012 Between Josie and Maria
movie 2011 Her Seat Is Vacant
movie 2011 Jackie.
movie 2010 Pete Smalls Is Dead
movie 2009 Subprime: Bringing Down the House
movie 2008 Single Girl
video movie 2008 Continental Divide
movie 2006 Presque Isle
movie 2006 A Terrorist Ate My Brain
tv series 2005 Celebrity Charades

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Creative Direction: OS Creative Studio Production: Shawna Enyart DP: Caleb Sepalla Editor: Kristen Swanbeck.

2014 Tony Award Nominees and the Wing's ED Heather Hitchens on this year's special theatre season. Featuring: Chad Beguelin, Heather Hitchens, Darko ...