Kristin Erickson

Kevin Blechdom, born Kristin Erickson, is an experimental electronic musician/performance artist from San Francisco, California. She attended Mills College in Oakland, California, where she founded Blectum from Blechdom with Blevin Blectum, an experimental electronic group. In 2001, Blectum From Blechdom won an Award of Distinction for digital music at the Prix Ars Electronica. ... more on Wikipedia

Kristin Erickson Filmography

movie 2015 Selfless as Gate Agent
movie 2013 Toeing the Line as Rebecca
movie 2012 Finding Focus as Michelle
video movie 2012 Super Nanny vs Stripper Nanny as Stripper Nanny
movie 2010 That Side of a Shadow as Sara Harrison
movie 2009 #38
movie 2006 American Blend as Maya
video movie 2006 Blackwater Valley Exorcism as Isabelle
movie 2006 Broken Promise as Angelena Marie
movie 2006 Faith Happens as Angela
movie 2004 Buds for Life as Oriel
movie 2003 Hidden Treasure as Hope

Kristin Erickson on Youtube

Recorded at the SLCCTV Studios November 15, 2012.

Recorded November 15, 2012 at the SLCCTV Studios.

Trailer edited by Brian Kim Plot: A murdering thief searches for answers to her dangerous addiction. Cast: Kristin Erickson, Jeremy Daniel Davis, Brittany We...