Kristy Leigh

Kristy Leigh Filmography

video movie 1995 Blonde Temptation
video movie 1993 Anal Encounters 4
video movie 1992 Backdoor Suite
video movie 1992 Guess Who
video movie 1992 The Box
video movie 1992 Tight Squeeze
video movie 1991 Anal Encounters 6
video movie 1991 Anal Fantasies 1
video movie 1991 Out of the Blue
video movie 1991 The Oval Office
video movie 1990 900 Desert Strip
video movie 1989 A Fistfull of Bimbos!
movie 1989 At the Pornies
video movie 1989 Chance Meetings
movie 1989 Phantom X
video movie 1989 Porn Star's Day Off
video movie 1989 The Case of the Crooked Cat House as Blonde with Mac
movie 1988 Just Like Sisters
video movie 1988 The Last Temptations of Kristi

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A short film made for the H-48 film contest in Boise, Idaho. Written by Kristy Leigh Lussier, and Directed by Sarah Jackson. As for myself, this film was my ...

Eevee, Eevee, Eevee...

I HAS FINALLY MADE VIDEO YEAH :D!? Kay, so this is a simple and short video. I did put quite a few effects for such a gentle song, but i felt like putting th...