Kurt Katch

Kurt Katch Filmography

tv movie 1966 The Baron's African War as Gestapo Chief Kurt Hauptmann
movie 1958 The Beast of Budapest as Sgt. Geza
movie 1958 The Gift of Love as Lecturing Professor
movie 1958 The Young Lions as Camp Commandant
movie 1958 When Hell Broke Loose as German 'Werewolf'
movie 1957 Pharaoh's Curse as Hans Brecht
movie 1957 The Girl in the Kremlin as Commissar
movie 1956 Hot Cars as Otto, chop-shop supervisor
movie 1956 Never Say Goodbye as Landlord
movie 1955 Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy as Dr. Gustav Zoomer
movie 1954 Secret of the Incas as Man with Rifle
movie 1954 The Adventures of Hajji Baba as Caoush
movie 1947 Song of Love as Judge
movie 1946 Angel on My Shoulder as Warden in Hell
movie 1946 Rendezvous 24 as Dr. Heligmann
movie 1946 Strange Journey as Horst
movie 1945 Salome Where She Danced as Count Von Bismarck
movie 1944 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves as Hulagu Khan
movie 1944 Make Your Own Bed as Herr von Ritter
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Otto Lutzke
movie 1944 The Mask of Dimitrios as Colonel Haki
movie 1944 The Mummy's Curse as Cajun Joe
movie 1944 The Seventh Cross as Leo Hermann
movie 1943 Background to Danger as Mailler
movie 1943 Edge of Darkness as German Captain
movie 1943 Mission to Moscow as Gen. Semen Timoshenko
movie 1943 Secret Service in Darkest Africa as Kurt Hauptmann [Ch. 1]
movie 1943 The Purple V as Johann Keller
movie 1943 The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler as Corp. Karl Frobe
movie 1943 They Came to Blow Up America as Schonzeit
movie 1943 Watch on the Rhine as Herr Blecher
movie 1942 Berlin Correspondent as Weiner
movie 1942 Counter-Espionage as Gustav Soessel
movie 1942 Desperate Journey as Hesse
movie 1942 Don Winslow of the Navy as The Scorpion
movie 1942 Quiet Please: Murder as Eric Pahsen
movie 1942 Secret Agent of Japan as Traeger
movie 1942 The Wife Takes a Flyer as Capt. Schmutnick
movie 1941 Man at Large as Hans Brinker, First Victim
movie 1938 Ludzie Wisly
movie 1937 Tkies khaf as Mendl Feld
movie 1936 Al khet as Prof. Levin
movie 1929 Das Land ohne Frauen as Goldminer
movie 1929 Der Bund der Drei as Morris
movie 1928 Die Räuberbande
movie 1924 Dudu, ein Menschenschicksal
movie 1923 Der Sohn des Galeerensträftlings as Der Dicke
movie 1923 Quarantäne as Hafenarzt
movie 1922 Zwischen Tag und Traum as Mac Duffre
movie 1921 Das Gasthaus von Chicago as Manuele
movie 1921 Das offene Grab
movie 1921 Ein ungeklärter Fall
movie 1920 Ihr tollster Trick as Tom Gibson, Maler
movie 1919 Die Mexikanerin
movie 1919 Die Sekretärin des Gesandten

Kurt Katch on Youtube

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Trailer - Directed by Arthur Lubin and starring Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Turhan Bey, Andy Devine, Kurt Katch. Orphaned as a you...

Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marie Windsor, Michael Ansara, Dan Seymour, Kurt Katch, Richard Deacon, and Mel Welles. Directed by Charles Lamont.

Trailer for 1944 Universal Pictures release of The Mummy's Curse, Lon Chaney's third and final appearance as Kharis the mummy, also starring Peter Coe ...

Cast: Barry Nelson - James Bond Peter Lorre - Le Chiffre Linda Christian - Valerie Mathis Michael Pate - Clarence Leiter Eugene Borden - Chef De Partie Jean .