Kyle Brandon

Kyle Brandon Filmography

video movie 1998 Fallen Angel II: Descending
video movie 1998 Playing to Win
video movie 1997 Fallen Angel
video movie 1997 Gamemaster as Kyle
video movie 1996 Ace in Your Face
video movie 1996 Jockstrapped
video movie 1996 Raw Material
video movie 1996 The Code of Conduct 1: Stripped
video movie 1996 Tradewinds
video movie 1996 Uniform Code: Sex Ed 4
video movie 1995 Photoplay
video movie 1994 Full Service

Kyle Brandon on Youtube

This is another trailer if you didn't see the first it is: Starring: Matthew Kyle Brandon Noah Evie.

This is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN EXTRA TRAILER. I can't wait to watch this movie so in honor of its upcoming release I decided to upload a parody.

Playing 12 Egg-Roulette: half raw, half cooked, random draw. With Nathan, Kyle, Brandon, and Kat. #JimmyFallon

kyle brandon covering "Big Green Tractor" '