Kyle Eaton

Kyle Eaton Filmography

movie 2011 Between Rooms & Voices
movie 2009 Breathe Rummel Breathe
movie 2009 Deaf and Whispering
movie 2008 Certain Green
movie 2008 In Chicago: A Jazz Documentary
movie 2007 Case & Crowbar
movie 2006 Chester & Marie

Kyle Eaton on Youtube

A custom-made trailer I made for Stoked episode, Clinging in the Rain. It's also the trailer I made for my edited episode, when I added the Perfect Storm Sou...

Want more epic stories like "The Record Keeper"? Join the #MOVIEMENT and linger in the angelic realm. "The Record Keeper" ...

BUCKETS!!! KYLE EATON VS BRETT STECKLE... with a featured coach yelling and breaking things up... willis.