Kynaston Reeves

Kynaston Reeves (29 May 1893, London, England - 5 December 1971, London, England) was christened Philip Arthur Reeves, and was an English character actor who appeared in numerous films and many television plays and series. ... more on Wikipedia

Kynaston Reeves Filmography

movie 1970 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes as Old Man
movie 1969 Anne of the Thousand Days as Willoughby
tv movie 1969 Barrister at Law as Judge
tv movie 1969 Pegasus as Admiral
movie 1968 Gates to Paradise as Superior
movie 1968 Hot Millions as Quayle
tv movie 1968 If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them as The Judge
tv series 1965 United! as Eustace Evepitt
movie 1964 Hide and Seek as Hunter
movie 1962 Go to Blazes as 1st Clubman
movie 1962 In the Doghouse as Colonel
movie 1961 Carry on Regardless as Sir Theodore, Testy Old Man
movie 1961 Don't Bother to Knock as Neighbor
movie 1961 The Night We Got the Bird as Mr. Warre-Monger
movie 1961 The Shadow of the Cat as The Grandfather
movie 1960 In the Nick as Judge
movie 1960 School for Scoundrels as General
movie 1959 Carlton-Browne of the F.O. as Sir Arthur Carlton-Browne
movie 1958 A Question of Adultery as Judge
tv movie 1958 Cinderella as The Grand Chamberlain
movie 1958 Fiend Without a Face as Prof. R.E. Walgate
movie 1958 Rx for Murder as Mr. Sparrow
movie 1957 Brothers in Law as Judge Lawson
movie 1957 High Flight as Air Minister
movie 1957 Light Fingers as Sir Charles Shepley-Cooke
movie 1956 Fun at St. Fanny's as McTavish
movie 1956 Je plaide non coupable as Col. Wright
movie 1954 Burnt Evidence as Pathologist
movie 1954 Eight O'Clock Walk as Munro
movie 1954 The Crowded Day as Mr. Ronson
movie 1953 Four Sided Triangle as Lord Grant
movie 1953 Laxdale Hall as Rev. Ian Macaulay
movie 1953 Top of the Form as The Dean
movie 1952 Penny Princess as Burgomaster - Policeman
movie 1952 Song of Paris as Vicar
movie 1952 Top Secret as Barworth Director
movie 1951 A Story of Achievement as The Scientist
movie 1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. as Adm. Lord Hood
tv movie 1951 Jenny Meade as Mr. Steele
movie 1951 The Smart Aleck as Uncle Edward
tv movie 1951 The Tempest as King Alonso of Naples
movie 1950 Blackout as Mr. Dale
movie 1950 Madeleine as Dr. Penny
movie 1950 Moving House as Father
movie 1950 The 20 Questions Murder Mystery as Gen. Maitland
tv movie 1950 The Cruise of the Toytown Belle as Mr. Growser
movie 1950 The Mudlark as General Sir Ponsonby
movie 1950 Tony Draws a Horse as Dr. Bletchley
movie 1950 Trio as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1949 Badger's Green as Dr. Wetherby
movie 1949 For Them That Trespass as The Judge
movie 1949 Madness of the Heart as Sir Robert Hammond
movie 1949 The Undefeated as Dr. Bevan
movie 1948 Counterblast as Lucas' Butler
movie 1948 The Guinea Pig as The Bishop
movie 1948 The Weaker Sex as Captain Dishart
movie 1948 The Winslow Boy as Lord Chief Justice
movie 1948 This Was a Woman as Dr. Morrison
movie 1948 Vice Versa as Dr. Chawner
tv movie 1947 Mr. Gladstone as William Ewart Gladstone
movie 1946 Bedelia as Mr. Bennett
movie 1945 Murder in Reverse as Crossley King's Counsel
movie 1945 Read All About It as Younger
movie 1945 The Echo Murders as Beales
movie 1945 The Rake's Progress as Oxford Dean
movie 1944 Strawberry Roan as Horse Dealer
movie 1943 The Night Invader as Sir Michael
movie 1943 They Met in the Dark as Naval Officer in Charge of Court Martial
movie 1942 The Young Mr. Pitt as Minor Role
movie 1941 The Prime Minister as Lord Stanley
movie 1941 This England
movie 1940 The Flying Squad as Magistrate
movie 1940 The Stars Look Down as Strother
movie 1940 Two for Danger as Dr. George Frencham
movie 1939 Dead Men Are Dangerous as James Franklin
tv movie 1939 Inquest as Sir Denton Hume
movie 1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday as Dr. Manners
tv movie 1939 Sheppey as Mr. Bolton
movie 1939 Sons of the Sea as Prof Devar
movie 1939 The Outsider as Sir Montague Tollemach
tv movie 1938 Count Albany
tv movie 1938 Glorious Morning
movie 1938 Housemaster as The Rev. Ovington
movie 1938 The Citadel as Doctor
movie 1937 A Romance in Flanders as Major Burke
movie 1937 Take a Chance as Blinkers Grayson
movie 1935 Dark World as John
movie 1935 Vintage Wine as Benedict Popinot
movie 1934 Jew S├╝ss
movie 1934 The Broken Melody as Colonel Fitzroy
movie 1934 The Crimson Candle as Inspector Blunt
movie 1933 Puppets of Fate as John Heath
movie 1932 Frail Women
movie 1932 The Lodger as Editor Bob Mitchell
movie 1932 The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case as Bartholomew Sholto
movie 1931 Many Waters as Minor Role

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Starring Marshall Thompson, Kynaston Reeves, Kim Parker, andTerence Kilburn. Directed by Arthur Crabtree.

From "Carlton-Browne of the F.O." .Wonderful character actors Kynaston Reeves (Sir Peter) & Marie Lohr (Lady Carlton-Browne) ...& the inimitable ...

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