Lane Smith

Walter Lane Smith III (April 29, 1936 ? June 13, 2005) was an American actor. Some of his well known roles include portraying unscrupulous collaborator entrepreneur Nathan Bates in the NBC television series V, unscrupulous collaborator Mayor Bates in the fim Red Dawn, newspaper editor Perry White in the ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and unscrupulous USA President Richard Nixon in The Final Days, for which he received a Golden Globe award nomination. ... more on Wikipedia

Lane Smith Filmography

movie 2012 Well Received the Death of an Artist
video movie 2007 Prince of the City: The Real Story as Tug Barnes
video movie 2005 From Rivals to Romance: The Making of Lois and Clark as Perry White
tv movie 2001 WW 3 as John Sullivan
movie 2000 The Caprice
movie 2000 The Legend of Bagger Vance as Grantland Rice
tv movie 1999 Inherit the Wind as Reverend Jeremiah Brown
movie 1998 Getting Personal as Dr. Maddie
movie 1998 The Hi-Lo Country as Steve Shaw
movie 1998 Why Do Fools Fall in Love as Ezra Grahme
tv movie 1997 Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy as Senator Silverthorne
movie 1996 The Flight of the Dove as Stephen Hahn
movie 1996 The War at Home
movie 1994 The Scout as Ron Wilson
movie 1993 Son in Law as Walter Warner
tv movie 1992 Duplicates as Mr. Fryman
movie 1992 My Cousin Vinny as Jim Trotter III
movie 1992 The Distinguished Gentleman as Dick Dodge
movie 1992 The Mighty Ducks as Coach Jack Reilly
tv movie 1991 False Arrest as Martin Busey
movie 1990 Air America as Senator Davenport
tv movie 1990 Blind Vengeance as Col. Blanchard
tv movie 1990 Challenger as Larry Mulloy
movie 1989 Night Game as Witty
movie 1989 Race for Glory as Joe Gifford
tv movie 1989 The Final Days as Richard Nixon
tv movie 1988 Killer Instinct as Dr. Butler
movie 1988 Prison as Warden Eaton Sharpe
tv movie 1987 A Place to Call Home as Sam
movie 1987 Weeds as Claude
tv movie 1986 Dress Gray as Col. King
movie 1986 Native Son as Britton
tv movie 1985 Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues as Captain Max Rosenberg
tv movie 1985 Bridge Across Time as Anson Whitfield
movie 1984 Places in the Heart as Albert Denby
movie 1984 Purple Hearts as Cmdr. Markel
movie 1984 Red Dawn as Mayor Bates
tv movie 1984 Something About Amelia as Officer Dealy
tv movie 1983 Special Bulletin as Morton Sanders
tv movie 1983 The American Snitch as Chuck Maxwell
movie 1982 Frances as Dr. Symington
tv movie 1982 Prime Suspect as Tom Keating
tv movie 1982 The Member of the Wedding as Mr. Addams
tv movie 1982 Thou Shalt Not Kill as Clarence Blake
tv movie 1981 Dark Night of the Scarecrow as Harless Hocker
movie 1981 Prince of the City as Tug Barnes
movie 1981 Soggy Bottom, U.S.A. as Smilin' Jack
tv movie 1980 A Rumor of War as Sgt. Willliam Holgren
tv movie 1980 City in Fear as Brian
tv movie 1980 Gideon's Trumpet as Fred Turner
movie 1980 Honeysuckle Rose as Brag--Cotton's Manager
tv movie 1980 Mark, I Love You as Don Payer
movie 1980 On the Nickel as Preacher
movie 1980 Resurrection as Don
tv movie 1980 The Georgia Peaches as Randolph Dukane
tv movie 1979 Disaster on the Coastliner as John Carlson
movie 1979 Over the Edge as Sloan
tv movie 1979 The Solitary Man as Jack Collins
tv movie 1978 A Death in Canaan as Bob Hartman
movie 1978 Blue Collar as Clarence Hill
tv movie 1978 Crash
movie 1978 On the Yard as Blake
movie 1977 Between the Lines as Roy Walsh
movie 1977 The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training as Officer Mackie
tv movie 1977 The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer
tv movie 1977 The Displaced Person as Mr. Shortley
movie 1976 Network as Robert McDonough
movie 1975 Everybody Rides the Carousel as Stage 1
movie 1975 Rooster Cogburn as Leroy
tv movie 1975 Valley Forge as Spad
movie 1974 Man on a Swing as Ted Ronan
movie 1973 Cops and Robbers as Perpetrator
movie 1973 The Last American Hero as Rick Penny
movie 1970 Maidstone
movie 1966 Unholy Matrimony as Partygoer

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