Langhorn Burton

Langhorn Burton Filmography

movie 1930 Cross Roads as The Lawyer
movie 1929 La ville des milles joies
movie 1927 Die Stadt der tausend Freuden as Carlos Carpentaria
movie 1926 Marriage License? as Cheriton
movie 1924 Who Is the Man? as Albert Arnault
movie 1921 Appearances as Sir William Rutherford
movie 1921 Moth and Rust as Ray Meredith
movie 1921 The Bonnie Brier Bush as John Carmichael
movie 1920 A Man's Shadow as Peter Beresford
movie 1920 At the Villa Rose as Harry Weathermill
movie 1920 By Berwin Banks as Cardo Wynne
movie 1920 Little Dorrit as Arthur Clenman
movie 1920 The Amateur Gentleman as Barnabas Barty
movie 1920 The Children of Gibeon as Clive
movie 1920 The Temptress as Allan Ashton
movie 1920 Two Little Wooden Shoes as Victor Flamen
movie 1919 Sweet and Twenty as Douglas Floyd
movie 1919 The Impossible Woman as Gregory Jardine
movie 1918 God and the Man as Christiansen
movie 1917 Auld Robin Gray as Jamie
movie 1917 Daddy as John Melsher
movie 1917 The Profligate as Hugh Murray
movie 1917 Tom Jones as Tom Jones
movie 1916 The Treasure of Heaven as Angus Reay
movie 1914 Bootle's Baby as Captain Lucy
movie 1914 Liberty Hall as Gerald Haringay
movie 1914 The Difficult Way as Rev. John Pilgrim
movie 1914 The King's Minister as Lord Lincoln
movie 1914 Turtle Doves as Jack