Lanny Rethaber

Lanny Rethaber Filmography

movie 2014 Crushed Velvet as Tex Ranger
movie 2011 The Eleventh Aggression
movie 2010 Closets as Jonas Littleton
movie 2010 Lucid as Mr. Byron
movie 2009 Avé Maria as Detective Rami
movie 2009 Blood Guardian as Thomas Elway
movie 2009 Blood Moon Rising as The Devil
movie 2009 Montauk, AZ. as Police Chief Virgil Elliot
movie 2009 Orville as Psycho-therapist
movie 2009 The 11th Aggression as Detective Garret
movie 2008 Breathless_GRL as Tobias Ruskovich
movie 2008 Japan as Dinner Guest
movie 2008 Melvyn's Clock as Melvyn
movie 2007 Denial as Charles Sinclare
movie 2007 P.I. Blues as The Detective
movie 2007 Star Power as Monte Calhoun
movie 2007 The Kingdom as Restaurant Patron
movie 2007 Yesterday's Tomorrow as Wedding Guest
movie 2007 The Savages

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Originální název: The Kingdom, Informace o filmu na Drama / thriller, USA, 2007, 109 min. Režie: Peter Berg Hrají: Jamie ...

Starring: Eric Wheeler Kate Kugler Gordon Clark Lanny Rethaber Directed By: Joseph Lao Produced By: Matthew "Mo" Levy & Evan Sorosky Shot Entirely on ...

The latest feature-length offering from Old World Producers Group and Cool Wave Pictures is a meaty, disturbing thriller --- "Blood Guardian. This newer, sma...

The trailer for Mr. Unemployed starring Brandon Wagg, Patrick McGeough, Vanesa Quintana, Melissa Homiski, Jermaine Johnson, Adrian Franklin, Emile ...