Larry Fessenden

Laurence T. Fessenden (born 1963) is an American producer, writer, director, and actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Larry Fessenden Filmography

movie 2014 Worst Friends
movie 2014 The Hurting Man
movie 2014 ABCs of Death 2
movie 2013 Casse-tête chinois as Rocker 1
movie 2013 Jug Face as Sustin
movie 2013 Riding Shotgun as Countryman
movie 2013 Ritual as Motel Clerk
movie 2013 The Unlovables as Frank
movie 2013 We Are What We Are as Bearded Tenant
movie 2013 Year of the Living Dead as Himself
movie 2013 American Jesus
movie 2013 Beneath
movie 2013 Night Moves
movie 2012 All the Light in the Sky as Rusty
movie 2012 Bro' as Louis
movie 2012 Hellbenders
video movie 2012 Stray Bullets
movie 2012 The Battery as Frank
movie 2012 The Businessman as Mr. Bond
video movie 2012 The Innkeepers: Behind the Scenes as Himself
movie 2012 Wolf Dog as Wolf Dog
video movie 2012 Wolf Dog Tales as Wolf Dog
movie 2012 The Comedy
movie 2011 Silver Bullets as Sam
movie 2011 You're Next as Erik Harson
movie 2011 Odokuro
movie 2011 The Innkeepers
movie 2011 The Last Rites of Joe May
movie 2010 Bitter Feast as William Coley
movie 2010 Cinéma 21: Larry Fessenden as Himself
movie 2010 Hypothermia as Fishing Host
movie 2010 Satan Hates You as Glumac
movie 2010 Stake Land as Roadhouse Bartender
movie 2010 Vanishing on 7th Street as Bike Messenger
movie 2009 Blood Red Earth as Cowboy
movie 2009 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever as Bill the Water Truck Driver
movie 2009 The House of the Devil
movie 2009 The Viewer
movie 2008 House of Satisfaction as Brent
movie 2008 I Can See You as Mickey Hauser
movie 2008 I Sell the Dead as Willy Grimes
movie 2008 Wendy and Lucy as Man in Park
movie 2008 X-Mess Detritus
movie 2007 The Brave One as Sandy Combs
movie 2007 The Hunter as Kenny
movie 2007 The Making of 'The Last Winter' as Himself
movie 2007 Trigger Man as Henchman
movie 2007 Liberty Kid
movie 2006 Automatons as Enemy Guard
movie 2006 Dress Rehearsal as Jack Ing
video movie 2006 Fractured Skulls: The Making of Headspace as Himself
movie 2006 Mulberry St as Man Behind the Gate
movie 2006 Satellite as Jim Mullins
movie 2006 The Last Winter as Charles Foster
movie 2006 The Pod as Telly
movie 2006 Sisters
movie 2005 Broken Flowers as Will
movie 2005 Headspace as Father
movie 2005 The Resurrection Apprentice as Willie
movie 2005 The Roost as Tow Truck Driver
tv series 2005 Dusty Wright's Culture CatchCulture Catch as Himself
movie 2005 Escape Artists
movie 2005 Two Devils Lunch
movie 2004 Imaginary Heroes as Store Clerk
movie 2004 The Off Season as Phil
movie 2004 Santo Domingo Blues: Los Tigueres de la Bachata
movie 2004 Zombie Honeymoon
video movie 2003 Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America as Jimmy Doyle
movie 2003 The Paper Boy as The Deaf Peeping Tom
movie 2002 Bad Day for a Tow as Tow Guy
movie 2002 Happy Here and Now as Clifton
video movie 2002 Wendigo: An Interview with Larry Fessenden
movie 2002 Searching for the Wendigo
movie 2001 Margarita Happy Hour as Max
movie 2001 Session 9 as Craig McManus
video movie 2001 The Making of 'No Telling'
movie 2001 Wendigo
movie 2000 Animal Factory as Benny
movie 2000 Hamlet as Kissing Man
movie 2000 Happy Accidents as Junkie
movie 2000 You Are Here* as Palichuck
movie 1999 Bringing Out the Dead as Cokehead
movie 1995 Habit as Sam
movie 1994 River of Grass as Lee Ray Harold
movie 1991 No Telling as Eden Ridge Employee
movie 1989 Hollow Venus: Diary of a Go-Go Dancer
movie 1989 Stunt: A Musical Motion Picture
movie 1987 Mismatch
movie 1986 Chinatown
movie 1985 Experienced Movers
video movie 1982 Habit as Sam
movie 1981 A Face in the Crowd as Narrator
movie 1981 Lifeline as Man
movie 1980 White Trash as Man Who Looks Through Trash
movie 1980 The Field
movie 1979 The Eliminator
movie 1978 Jaws
movie Late Phases as O'Brien
movie The Orphanage

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