Larry Hankin

Larry Hankin (born August 31, 1940) is an American actor, performer, director and producer. ... more on Wikipedia

Larry Hankin Filmography

movie 2014 Magnum Farce as Mayor Culpa - Cookie
movie 2014 Red Team Go as The Homeless Guy
tv movie 2014 Rick's Parking as Darwin
movie 2014 The Mourning as Dad
movie 2013 Pain & Gain as Pastor Randy
tv series 2013 Baby Mentalist as Chief Bernard Briggs
movie 2012 BuzzKill as Granger
movie 2012 How to Grow Your Own as Buzzy
video movie 2012 Sometimes Jones & The Magic Credit Card
movie 2011 Elwood as Sammy the Sausage
tv movie 2011 The Adventures of Barry Baz as Joe the Bum
video movie 2010 Cover Me as Cop #3
movie 2009 Nebraska as Barney
movie 2009 The Outlaw Emmett Deemus & Willy Jones as Emmett Deemus
movie 2008 Reach for Me as Elliot
movie 2008 The Alphabet Killer as Perry
movie 2008 The Outlaw Emmett Deemus as Emmett Deemus
movie 2008 The Outlaw Emmett Deemus and the Porno Queen as Emmett Deemus
movie 2007 Independence as Emmett
movie 2007 My Silent Sadness as Frederyk Baczynski
movie 2007 Nobel Son as Dr. Polaczek
video movie 2006 My Uncle Emmett
movie 2006 Grilled
tv movie 2005 Early Bird as Lenny
tv movie 2005 The Entertainment Weekly Guide: Guilty Pleasures
tv movie 2004 20: Entertainment Weekly's Best Holiday Movies as Santa
video movie 2004 Revenge of the Ring Thing
movie 2004 The Wager as Type-Writer
video movie 2003 Gacy as Eddie Bloom
tv movie 2003 Hard Ground as Toothless
tv movie 2003 Highway to Oblivion as Sid
tv movie 2003 Knee High P.I. as Fudgie
movie 2003 Nobody Knows Anything! as Blind Man
movie 2000 The Independent as William Henry Ellis
movie 1999 Enemy Action as Yuri
movie 1997 Money Talks as Roland
movie 1997 Vegas Vacation as Preacher
movie 1996 A Delicatessen Story as Mr. Hankin
movie 1995 Billy Madison as Carl Alphonse
movie 1994 It's Pat as Postal Supervisor
video movie 1994 Prehysteria! 2 as Ketchum
movie 1994 The Shadow as Taxi Driver
movie 1992 Deuce Coupe as Slick Lowry
movie 1992 Out on a Limb as Officer Darren
tv movie 1992 T Bone N Weasel as Rev. Gluck
movie 1991 Black Magic Woman as Hank Watfield
tv movie 1991 I-Witness as Mike
tv movie 1991 K-9
video movie 1990 Dark Romances Vol. 1 as Drunk
movie 1990 Death Warrant as Mayerson
movie 1990 Home Alone as Officer Balzak
movie 1990 Pretty Woman as Landlord
movie 1988 Nightfall as Desert King
movie 1988 She's Having a Baby as Hank
tv movie 1988 The Loner as Abner Gibson
movie 1987 Amazon Women on the Moon as Man in Pub
movie 1987 Fatal Beauty as Jerry Murphy
movie 1987 Planes, Trains & Automobiles as Doobie
movie 1986 Armed and Dangerous as Kokolovitch
movie 1986 Ratboy as Robert Jewell
movie 1986 Running Scared as Ace
tv movie 1985 Joanna as Little Joe
movie 1985 The Sure Thing as Trucker
tv movie 1983 An Uncommon Love as Freddie
movie 1983 The Star Chamber as Det. Kenneth Wiggan
movie 1983 The Sting II as Handicap
movie 1982 Annie as Pound Man
movie 1980 Die Laughing as Bock
tv movie 1980 Gridlock as Sill
movie 1980 Loose Shoes as 2nd Veteran
movie 1980 Solly's Diner as Sometimes Jones
tv movie 1980 The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything as René
movie 1979 Escape from Alcatraz as Charley Butts
movie 1979 The Jerk as Circus hand
movie 1978 American Hot Wax as Diamond's Manager
movie 1978 Doctor Dracula as Wainwright
tv movie 1978 Outside Chance as Deputy in Van
tv movie 1978 The Plant Family as Art - Ava's husband
movie 1973 Steelyard Blues as Bill the Garbage Truck Driver
tv movie 1972 Evil Roy Slade as Snake
movie 1972 Thumb Tripping as Simp
movie 1970 The Phynx as Philbaby
movie 1969 Viva Max as Romero
movie 1968 How Sweet It Is! as 1st Policeman
movie 1968 Yours, Mine and Ours as Supermarket Clerk
movie 1967 Funnyman as Roger
tv movie 1967 Sheriff Who as Snake Larson

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As one of the most recognized character actors in the world, Larry Hankin has appeared in dozens of films across the motion picture spectrum. As the grumpy n...

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