Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson Filmography

tv series 2013 Four Course with JB Smoove as Himself
tv movie 2011 Runnin' Rebels of UNLV as Himself
tv movie 2007 2007 Trumpet Awards as Himself
tv movie 2005 Rebels on the Run: The Rise and Fall of UNLV Basketball as Himself
movie 2001 Triumph of Faith
movie 1996 Eddie as Larry Johnson
movie 1996 Space Jam as Larry Johnson
tv movie 1995 1995 NBA All-Star Game as Himself
tv movie 1993 1993 NBA All-Star Game as Himself

Larry Johnson on Youtube

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New coach Larry Johnson works with the defensive line in their first spring practice of 2014.

Round 1 First Dunk (Score: 48.6): 0:00 Second Dunk (Score: 49.4): 0:18 Round 2 First Dunk (Score: 49.6): 1:03 Second Dunk (Score: 48.4): 1:35 Round 3 First ...