Larry Parks

Larry Parks (December 13, 1914 ? April 13, 1975) was an American stage and movie actor. His birth name is believed to have been Samuel Klusman (or Klausman) Lawrence Parks. His career was virtually ended when he admitted to having once been a member of a Communist party cell, which led to his blacklisting by all Hollywood studios. ... more on Wikipedia

Larry Parks Filmography

movie 2007 A Tribute to Rudy Wissler as Al Jolson
movie 2007 Trumbo as Himself
movie 1962 Freud as Dr. Joseph Breuer
movie 1955 Tiger by the Tail as John Desmond
movie 1952 Love Is Better Than Ever as Jud Parker
movie 1950 Emergency Wedding as Peter Judson Kirk Jr.
movie 1949 Jolson Sings Again as Al Jolson
movie 1948 Screen Snapshots: Photoplay Gold Medal Awards as Himself
movie 1948 The Gallant Blade as Lt. David Picard
movie 1948 The Swordsman as Alexander MacArden aka Donald Frazer
movie 1947 Down to Earth as Danny Miller
movie 1947 Her Husband's Affairs as Himself
movie 1946 Renegades as Ben Dembrow
movie 1946 The Jolson Story as Al Jolson
movie 1945 Counter-Attack as Kirichenko
movie 1944 Hey, Rookie as Jim Leighter
movie 1944 Jam Session as Superba Pictures Actor
movie 1944 Sergeant Mike as Pvt. Tom Allen
movie 1944 She's a Sweetheart as Rocky Hill
movie 1944 Stars on Parade as Danny Davis
movie 1944 The Black Parachute as Michael Kaligor Lindley
movie 1944 The Racket Man as Larry Lake
movie 1943 Destroyer as Ens. Johnson
movie 1943 First Comes Courage as Capt. Langdon
movie 1943 Is Everybody Happy? as Jerry Stewart
movie 1943 Power of the Press as Jerry Purvis
movie 1943 Redhead from Manhattan as Flirt
movie 1943 Reveille with Beverly as Eddie Ross
movie 1943 The Deerslayer as Jingo-Good
movie 1942 A Man's World as Chick O'Driscoll
movie 1942 Alias Boston Blackie as Joe Trilby
movie 1942 Atlantic Convoy as Gregory
movie 1942 Blondie Goes to College as Rusty Bryant
movie 1942 Canal Zone as Recruit Kincaid
movie 1942 Flight Lieutenant as Cadet Sandy Roth
movie 1942 Hello, Annapolis as Paul Herbert
movie 1942 North of the Rockies as Jim Bailey
movie 1942 Submarine Raider as Sparksie
movie 1942 The Boogie Man Will Get You as Bill Layden
movie 1942 They All Kissed the Bride as Joe Krim
movie 1942 You Were Never Lovelier as Tony - Lita's Boyfriend
movie 1941 Harmon of Michigan as Harvey
movie 1941 Harvard, Here I Come! as Eddie Spellman
movie 1941 Honolulu Lu
movie 1941 Mystery Ship as Tommy Baker
movie 1941 Sing for Your Supper as Mickey
movie 1941 Three Girls About Town as Reporter
movie 1941 You Belong to Me as Blemish

Larry Parks on Youtube

Al Jolson sings My Mammy in this tribute to Larry Parks. Larry Parks' widow Betty Garrett died on the morning of Saturday 12th of February 2011, aged 91.

See more of "Jolie" at GreatPerformers1: Still considered the best musical biography ever made, Larry Parks ...

Jolson Sings Again is the 1949 film sequel to The Jolson Story, both of which cover the life of singer Al Jolson.

In 1946, Saul Chaplin adapted Iosif Ivanovici's Romanian 'Waves of the Danube'; Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin wrote the lyrics.