Launce Maraschal

Launce Maraschal Filmography

movie 1958 Fiend Without a Face as Melville
movie 1958 Orders to Kill as Gen. Nolan
movie 1957 Man in the Shadow as Canadian Consul
movie 1957 Second Fiddle as Pontifex
movie 1956 My Teenage Daughter as Senator
movie 1955 Barbados Quest as J.D. Everleigh
movie 1955 Joe MacBeth as Physician
movie 1955 Timeslip as Alcott, the Editor
movie 1954 Father Brown as Texan Millionaire
tv movie 1954 Parliament of Science as Sir Hiram Maxim
movie 1954 The Green Scarf as Sen. Bell
tv movie 1952 Theatre Royal as Herbert Dean
tv movie 1948 On the Spot as Chief Detective Commisioner John Kelly
tv movie 1948 The Front Page as Mayor