Laurence Trimble

Laurence Trimble (February 15, 1885 ? February 8, 1954) was an American silent film actor, writer and director. Trimble began his career as an actor in the 1910 silent Saved by the Flag. He made 100 silent films between 1908 and 1926. Trimble was best known for his films starring his dogs, Jean, the Vitagraph Dog, and later Strongheart. ... more on Wikipedia

Laurence Trimble Filmography

movie 1926 My Old Dutch
movie 1925 The Shining Adventure
movie 1925 White Fang
movie 1924 Flapper Wives
movie 1924 The Love Master
movie 1924 Daring Danger
movie 1924 Sundown
movie 1923 Hee! Haw!
movie 1922 Brawn of the North
movie 1921 Playthings of Destiny
movie 1921 The Silent Call
movie 1920 Darling Mine
movie 1920 Going Some
movie 1920 The Silver Horde
movie 1920 The Woman God Sent
movie 1920 Everybody's Sweetheart
movie 1919 Fool's Gold
movie 1919 Spotlight Sadie
movie 1918 The Light Within
movie 1917 Mine of Missing Men
movie 1917 The Auction Block
movie 1917 The Spreading Dawn
movie 1917 Vengeance - and the Woman
movie 1916 Grim Justice
movie 1916 A Place in the Sun
movie 1916 A Welsh Singer
movie 1916 Doorsteps
movie 1916 Sally in Our Alley
movie 1915 As Ye Repent
movie 1915 Far from the Madding Crowd
movie 1915 Alone in London
movie 1915 Castle
movie 1915 Lost and Won
movie 1915 My Old Dutch
movie 1915 The Great Adventure
movie 1914 Film Favourites as Himself
movie 1914 The Murdock Trial as A Butler
movie 1914 Creatures of Habit
movie 1914 For Her People
movie 1914 One Thing After Another
movie 1914 Snobs
movie 1914 Through the Valley of Shadows
movie 1914 Daisy Doodad's Dial
movie 1914 Flotilla the Flirt
movie 1914 Polly's Progress
movie 1914 Shopgirls: or, The Great Question
movie 1914 The Awakening of Nora
movie 1914 The Shepherd Lassie of Argyle
movie 1913 Bunny Blarneyed; or, The Blarney Stone
movie 1913 Jean's Evidence
movie 1913 The Harper Mystery
movie 1913 The Pickwick Papers
movie 1913 Under the Make-Up
movie 1913 A Window on Washington Park
movie 1913 Checkmated
movie 1913 Counsellor Bobby
movie 1913 Cutey Plays Detective
movie 1913 Does Advertising Pay?
movie 1913 Everybody's Doing It
movie 1913 Let 'Em Quarrel
movie 1913 Pumps
movie 1913 Rose of Surrey
movie 1913 Sisters All
movie 1913 The Adventure of the Shooting Party
movie 1913 The Deerslayer
movie 1913 The House in Suburbia
movie 1913 The Lucky Stone
movie 1913 The Wings of a Moth
movie 1913 The Younger Sister
movie 1913 There's Music in the Hair
movie 1913 Up and Down the Ladder
movie 1913 When Bobby Forgot
movie 1912 Bunny All at Sea as Captain of the Steamer
movie 1912 The Path of True Love
movie 1912 Bunny at the Derby
movie 1912 Michael McShane, Matchmaker
movie 1912 A Cure for Pokeritis
movie 1912 A Red Cross Martyr; or, On the Firing Lines of Tripoli
movie 1912 Bachelor Buttons
movie 1912 Bunny and the Dogs
movie 1912 Bunny's Suicide
movie 1912 Cardinal Wolsey
movie 1912 Chased by Bloodhounds
movie 1912 Indian Romeo and Juliet
movie 1912 Martha's Rebellion
movie 1912 Mockery
movie 1912 Pandora's Box
movie 1912 Suing Susan
movie 1912 The Awakening of Jones
movie 1912 The French Spy
movie 1912 The Pseudo Sultan
movie 1912 The Signal of Distress
movie 1912 Two Cinders
movie 1912 While She Powdered Her Nose
movie 1911 Auld Lang Syne
movie 1911 Beyond the Law
movie 1911 Billy the Kid
movie 1911 Her Crowning Glory
movie 1911 Hypnotizing the Hypnotist
movie 1911 In the Arctic Night
movie 1911 Jean Rescues
movie 1911 Man to Man
movie 1911 One Touch of Nature
movie 1911 Prejudice of Pierre Marie
movie 1911 Red Eagle
movie 1911 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
movie 1911 The Stumbling Block
movie 1911 When the Light Waned
movie 1911 Wig Wag
movie 1910 Auld Robin Gray
movie 1910 Drumsticks
movie 1910 Her Mother's Wedding Gown
movie 1910 Jean and the Calico Doll
movie 1910 Jean and the Waif
movie 1910 Jean Goes Fishing
movie 1910 Jean Goes Foraging
movie 1910 Jean the Match-Maker
movie 1910 Saved by the Flag
movie 1910 Where the Winds Blow