Layon Gray

Layon Gray Filmography

movie 2013 Letters of Tuskegee as Pierre
movie 2012 The Girls of Summer
video movie 2005 Jacqueline Hyde as Security Guard #2
video movie 2004 Demon Slayer as Mr. Cobb
video movie 2004 Mad Dawg as Duncan
movie 2004 Soldiers Don't Cry as Soldier #1
movie 2004 The Lost Girl Society as Malichi
movie 2003 Hood Angels as J Day
movie 2003 Jack Woody as Black Panther
movie 2003 The Gates-trix as Memphius
video movie 2002 Dad's Day as Jason
video movie 2001 Bad Placas
movie 2001 Like a Woman Should as James

Layon Gray on Youtube

Enjoy it! Lazy Layon: www.soundcloud,de/lazylayon Lazy Layon - Reason:

Get tickets to "Black Angels Over Tuskegee": "Black Angels Over Tuskegee"'s Layon Gray reveals ...

a 10 minute short film from layon gray coming soon.

Promotional commercials for Layon Gray's play about the Tuskegee Airmen - "Black Angels Over Tuskegee" Broadway fundraiser. Donate today at ...