Lee Moran

Lee Moran (23 June 1888 ? 24 April 1961) was an American film actor, director and writer of the silent era. He appeared in 462 films, directed 109 and wrote for a further 92 between 1912 and 1935. ... more on Wikipedia

Lee Moran Filmography

movie 1935 Carnival as Barker
movie 1935 Circumstantial Evidence as Spike Horton
movie 1935 Honeymoon Limited as Reporter
movie 1935 Night Life of the Gods as Bus Driver
movie 1935 Streamline Express as Larry Houston
movie 1935 The Calling of Dan Matthews as Hypo
movie 1934 Flirtation as Stage Manager
movie 1934 Jimmy the Gent as Stew Hatkins
movie 1934 The Circus Clown as Slim
movie 1934 The Hollywood Gad-About as Barker
movie 1933 Footlight Parade as Mac - the Dance Director
movie 1933 Goldie Gets Along as Sam Kaplan
movie 1933 Grand Slam as Artie
movie 1933 High Gear as Howard - Mechanic
movie 1933 Mazie as Mike McCann
movie 1933 On Your Guard
movie 1933 Racetrack as Horseface
movie 1933 Sitting Pretty as Assistant Director
movie 1933 Son of a Sailor as Non-Commissioned Officer
movie 1933 The Eleventh Commandment as Steve
movie 1932 Exposure as Nosey Newton
movie 1932 Hat Check Girl as Man on Subway
movie 1932 Sister to Judas as Percy Fane
movie 1932 Stowaway as Mackie
movie 1932 The Death Kiss as Todd
movie 1932 The Fighting Gentleman as Mr. Hurley
movie 1932 Uptown New York as Hotel Clerk
movie 1931 Caught Plastered as 2nd Drunk Customer
movie 1931 Other Men's Women as Railroad Worker at Lunch Counter
movie 1931 That's News to Me
movie 1931 The Mad Genius as Montmartre Cabaret Director
movie 1930 A Soldier's Plaything as The Corporal
movie 1930 Dancing Sweeties as Master of Ceremonies
movie 1930 Golden Dawn as Blink
movie 1930 Hide-Out as Joe Hennessey
movie 1930 Mammy as Flat Feet
movie 1930 My Harem
movie 1930 Pardon My Gun as Jeff Potter
movie 1930 Sweet Mama as Al Hadrick
movie 1929 Children of the Ritz as Gaffney
movie 1929 Dance Hall as Ernie
movie 1929 Glad Rag Doll as Press Agent
movie 1929 Gold Diggers of Broadway as Dance Director
movie 1929 Hearts in Exile as Professor Rooster
movie 1929 Madonna of Avenue A as Gus
movie 1929 No Defense as Snitz
movie 1929 On with the Show! as Pete
movie 1929 The Aviator as Brown
movie 1929 The Show of Shows as Plumber in "What Became of the Floradora Boys" Number
movie 1928 A Woman Against the World as Bob Yates
movie 1928 Ladies of the Night Club as Joe Raggs
movie 1928 Outcast as Fred
movie 1928 Show Girl as Denny
movie 1928 Taxi 13 as Dennis Moran
movie 1928 Thanks for the Buggy Ride as Bill Barton
movie 1928 The Actress as Colpoys
movie 1928 The Look Out Girl as Pete
movie 1928 The Racket as Pratt
movie 1927 Fast and Furious as Joe
movie 1927 Spring Fever as Oscar
movie 1927 The Irresistible Lover as Lawyer
movie 1927 The Rose of Kildare as 'The Kid'
movie 1927 The Thrill Seekers as Lester, the Valet
movie 1927 Wolf's Clothing as Millionaire
movie 1926 Calf-Love
movie 1926 Her Big Night as Tom Barrett
movie 1926 Syncopating Sue as Joe Horn
movie 1926 Take It from Me as Van
movie 1926 The Little Irish Girl as Mr. Nelson
movie 1925 After Business Hours as Jerry Stanton
movie 1925 Fifth Avenue Models as Mrs. Fisk's Lover
movie 1925 Hello, Hollywood
movie 1925 His High Horse
movie 1925 Honeymoon, Ltd.
movie 1925 Jimmie's Millions as Speck Donnelly
movie 1925 My Lady of Whims as Dick Flynn
movie 1925 Salute
movie 1925 Tessie as Barney Taylor
movie 1925 Up on the Farm
movie 1925 Where Was I? as Henry
movie 1924 Daring Youth as Arthur James
movie 1924 Dizzy Daisy as The Gang Leader
movie 1924 Gambling Wives as A Friend
movie 1924 Hot Air
movie 1924 Listen Lester as William Penn
movie 1924 Pain as You Enter
movie 1924 The Fast Worker as Freddie
movie 1924 The Tomboy as Hiram, the Sheriff
movie 1924 Here and There
movie 1923 Game Hunters
movie 1923 The American Plan as Lee
movie 1923 The Busher as The Busher
movie 1923 The Home Plate
movie 1923 Uncle Sam
movie 1922 Apartment Wanted
movie 1922 Atta Boy
movie 1922 Foolish Lives
movie 1922 Hello, Judge as The Husband
movie 1922 Henpecked as Lee
movie 1922 Hicksville's Romeo
movie 1922 Red Hot Rivals as The Fireman
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 13 as Himself
movie 1922 Some Family
movie 1922 Ten Seconds
movie 1922 The Rubberneck
movie 1922 The Straphanger as The Henpecked Husband
movie 1922 The Touchdown as The Farmer's Son
movie 1922 Three Weeks Off as The Husband
movie 1922 Upper and Lower as The Pullman Porter
movie 1922 Women First as The Hotel Clerk
movie 1922 A Lot of Bull
movie 1921 A Shocking Night as William Harcourt
movie 1921 Blue Sunday
movie 1921 P.D.Q. as Don Quixote
movie 1921 Robinson's Trousseau
movie 1921 Roman Romeos
movie 1920 Ain't Nature Wonderful?
movie 1920 Bungled Bungalows
movie 1920 Butting in on Baby
movie 1920 Caught in the End
movie 1920 Concrete Biscuits
movie 1920 Downing an Uprising as The Chief Hobo
movie 1920 Everything But the Truth as Jack Elton
movie 1920 Fixed by George as George Dare
movie 1920 La La Lucille as Britton Hughes
movie 1920 Non Skid Love
movie 1920 Officer, Call a Cop
movie 1920 Oiling Uncle
movie 1920 Old Clothes for New
movie 1920 Once a Plumber as Joseph Blynn
movie 1920 Pick Out Your Husband as 2nd Husband
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 8 as Himself
movie 1920 Some Shimmiers
movie 1920 Somebody Lied
movie 1920 Stop That Shimmy
movie 1920 Stop That Wedding as The Rejected Suitor
movie 1920 Sweet Dry and Dry
movie 1920 Sweet Patootie
movie 1920 The Latest in Pants
movie 1920 Too Many Burglars
movie 1920 Why Lee!
movie 1920 Wives and Old Sweethearts
movie 1919 A Dog Gone Shame
movie 1919 A Model Husband
movie 1919 All Bound Around
movie 1919 All in the Swim
movie 1919 Chicken a la King
movie 1919 Don't Kid Your Wife
movie 1919 Fun in 'A' Flat
movie 1919 Good Night, Ladies
movie 1919 Half and Half
movie 1919 Happy Returns
movie 1919 Heart Trouble
movie 1919 His Body for Rent
movie 1919 His Friend's Trip
movie 1919 How's Your Husband?
movie 1919 In the Good Old Days
movie 1919 Kitchen Police
movie 1919 Lay Off!
movie 1919 Marry My Wife
movie 1919 Missing Husband
movie 1919 Mixed Tales
movie 1919 Oh! Ethel!
movie 1919 Oh! Oh! Nursie!
movie 1919 Penny Ante
movie 1919 Scared Stiff
movie 1919 Sing, Rosa, Sing!
movie 1919 Skidding Thrones
movie 1919 Stateroom Secrets
movie 1919 Taking Things Easy
movie 1919 Ten Nights in a Tea Room
movie 1919 The Bullshevicks
movie 1919 The Expert Eloper
movie 1919 The Smell of the Yukon
movie 1919 The Strike Breakers
movie 1919 The Wife Breakers
movie 1919 Three in a Closet
movie 1919 Tick Tock Man
movie 1919 Up the Flue
movie 1919 Waiting at the Church
movie 1919 Who's Her Husband?
movie 1919 Wise Wives
movie 1919 Woes of a Woman
movie 1918 A Duck Out of Water as Apache Pete
movie 1918 A Pigskin Hero
movie 1918 A Ripping Time
movie 1918 Almost Welcome
movie 1918 Bad News
movie 1918 Berth Control as Lee - the Detective
movie 1918 Camping Out
movie 1918 Damaged Goods as Sidney Sellers
movie 1918 Don't Shoot!
movie 1918 Don't Weaken!
movie 1918 Frenzied Film
movie 1918 Give Her Gas
movie 1918 Guilty
movie 1918 Hearts and Let Us
movie 1918 Maid Wanted
movie 1918 Mum's the Word
movie 1918 Nailed at the Plate
movie 1918 Nearly a Chaperone
movie 1918 Please Hit Me
movie 1918 Shot in the Dumbwaiter as Mr. Jack Downs
movie 1918 Stepping Some
movie 1918 Straight Crooks
movie 1918 Swat the Flirt
movie 1918 The Dodgers
movie 1918 The Extra Bridegroom
movie 1918 The Guilty Egg
movie 1918 The House Cleaning Horrors
movie 1918 The Knockout as Peevish Pete
movie 1918 The One Horse Show
movie 1918 The Price of a Rotten Time
movie 1918 The Tail of a Cat as Lee - the Janitor
movie 1918 The Vamp Cure
movie 1918 There Goes the Bride
movie 1918 Whose Baby Are You?
movie 1918 Why Worry!
movie 1917 A Bundle of Trouble as Detective Potts
movie 1917 A Dark Deed
movie 1917 A Fire Escape Finish
movie 1917 A Hasty Hazing
movie 1917 A Macaroni Sleuth
movie 1917 A Million in Sight
movie 1917 Burglar by Request
movie 1917 Down Went the Key as Artist
movie 1917 Five Little Widows as Mogul Hassan Pfeffer
movie 1917 Follow the Tracks
movie 1917 His Wife's Relatives
movie 1917 Hot Applications
movie 1917 In Again, Out Again
movie 1917 Jilted in Jail
movie 1917 Looking 'Em Over
movie 1917 Married by Accident
movie 1917 Minding the Baby
movie 1917 Mixed Matrimony
movie 1917 Move Over
movie 1917 Moving Day
movie 1917 One Thousand Miles an Hour
movie 1917 Pete, the Prowler
movie 1917 Poor Peter Pious as Peter Pious - a Young Missionary
movie 1917 Practice What You Preach
movie 1917 Seeing Things
movie 1917 Shot in the West
movie 1917 Some Specimens
movie 1917 Taking Their Medicine
movie 1917 Tell Morgan's Girl
movie 1917 The Boulevard Speed Hounds
movie 1917 The Home Wreckers as Lee
movie 1917 The Lost Appetite
movie 1917 The Love Slacker
movie 1917 The Nightcap as Lee Malatrops
movie 1917 The Other Stocking
movie 1917 The Rushin' Dancers
movie 1917 The Shame of a Chaperone
movie 1917 The War Bridegroom as Lee Thurston
movie 1917 To Be or Not to Be Married as Jimmie Long
movie 1917 To Oblige a Vampire
movie 1917 Treat 'Em Rough as Dave
movie 1917 Under the Bed as First Crook
movie 1917 Welcome Home
movie 1917 What a Clue Will Do
movie 1917 When the Cat's Away
movie 1917 Who's Looney Now?
movie 1917 Why, Uncle!
movie 1917 Wild and Woolly Women
movie 1916 A Friend, But a Star Boarder
movie 1916 A Leap Year Tangle as One of the Boys
movie 1916 A Political Tramp
movie 1916 A Quiet Supper for Four as Bob Gordon
movie 1916 A Silly Sultan
movie 1916 All Bets Off
movie 1916 Almost Guilty
movie 1916 Art for Art's Sake
movie 1916 Beer Must Go Down
movie 1916 Broke But Ambitious
movie 1916 Caught with the Goods
movie 1916 Cupid Trims His Lordship as His Lordship - the Honorable Cheesetowers Cranberry
movie 1916 Double Crossing the Dean
movie 1916 Eddie's Night Out
movie 1916 He Maid Me
movie 1916 He's a Devil
movie 1916 Her Celluloid Hero
movie 1916 Her Friend, the Doctor as Lee - Eddie's Chum
movie 1916 Her Hero Maid
movie 1916 His Own Nemesis
movie 1916 How Do You Feel?
movie 1916 How Times Do Change as Mr. Green
movie 1916 It Sounded Like a Kiss
movie 1916 Jed's Trip to the Fair as Mysterious Stranger
movie 1916 Kill the Umpire
movie 1916 Knights of a Bathtub as Spike O'Brien
movie 1916 Lem's College Career
movie 1916 Love and a Liar
movie 1916 Love and Vaccination as The Doctor
movie 1916 Mingling Spirits as Jim Smith
movie 1916 Model 46
movie 1916 Never Again Eddie!
movie 1916 Nobody Guilty
movie 1916 Pass the Prunes
movie 1916 Potts Bungles Again
movie 1916 Pretty Baby
movie 1916 Some Honeymoon
movie 1916 The Barfly
movie 1916 The Battle of Chili Con Carne
movie 1916 The Boy from the Gilded East
movie 1916 The Deacon's Waterloo as The Deacon
movie 1916 The Janitor's Busy Day
movie 1916 The Terrible Turk
movie 1916 The White Turkey as Lee
movie 1916 Their Awful Predicament
movie 1916 Two Small Town Romeos
movie 1916 What Could the Poor Girl Do?
movie 1916 When Aunt Matilda Fell as Weary William
movie 1916 When Lizzie Disappeared
movie 1916 When the Losers Won as Percy - the Heartbreaker
movie 1916 When the Spirits Fell
movie 1916 With the Spirit's Help
movie 1915 A Coat's a Coat as Mr. Bates
movie 1915 A Mix-up at Maxim's
movie 1915 A Peach and a Pair as Lee
movie 1915 All Aboard as The Train Porter
movie 1915 All Over the Biscuits
movie 1915 Almost a King as Jerry
movie 1915 Almost a Knockout
movie 1915 An Heiress for Two as Lee
movie 1915 Behind the Screen as Himself
movie 1915 Caught by a Thread as Mr. Newlywed
movie 1915 Eddie's Awful Predicament
movie 1915 Eddie's Little Love Affair as Professor Sneeks
movie 1915 Eddie's Little Nightmare
movie 1915 Following Father's Footsteps
movie 1915 He Fell in a Cabaret as Harold
movie 1915 He Fell in the Park
movie 1915 Her Rustic Hero as Eddie's Chum
movie 1915 His Egyptian Affinity as Nebo - the Son of the Sheik
movie 1915 His Nobs the Duke as His Nobs - the Duke
movie 1915 His Only Pants as The Artist
movie 1915 How Doctor Cupid Won Out
movie 1915 It Almost Happened as Mr. Gordon
movie 1915 Jed's Little Elopement
movie 1915 Kids and Corsets as Lee - the Husband
movie 1915 Little Egypt Malone as Lee Malone aka Little Egypt
movie 1915 Lizzie and the Beauty Contest
movie 1915 Lizzie Breaks Into the Harem
movie 1915 Lizzie's Dizzy Career
movie 1915 Lost: Three Teeth
movie 1915 Love and a Savage as Lee
movie 1915 Mrs. Plum's Pudding as Detective Lee Potts
movie 1915 Nellie the Pride of the Fire House
movie 1915 Some Chaperone as Lee - the Chaperone
movie 1915 Some Fixer as Lee
movie 1915 The Baby's Fault as Lee Gray
movie 1915 The Downfall of Potts as Potts - Star Detective
movie 1915 The Rise and Fall of Officer 13 as Lee - Officer 13
movie 1915 The Tale of His Pants as Jerry Bunk
movie 1915 Their Happy Honeymoon as Mr. Newlymarried
movie 1915 Their Quiet Honeymoon as Lee - 2nd Newlywed
movie 1915 They Were Heroes as Eddie's Chum
movie 1915 They Were on Their Honeymoon as The Honeymooning Husband
movie 1915 Tony, the Wop as Tony the Wop
movie 1915 Too Many Crooks as The Detective
movie 1915 Too Many Smiths
movie 1915 Wanted... A Chaperone as Lee
movie 1915 Wanted: A Leading Lady as Lee
movie 1915 When Cupid Caught a Thief as Second Story Jerry
movie 1915 When Eddie Took a Bath as Lee - the Husband
movie 1915 When He Proposed
movie 1915 When Her Idol Fell as Slingarlic - Violinist
movie 1915 When His Lordship Proposed as His Lordship
movie 1915 When Lizzie Went to Sea as Tony - Eddie's Rival
movie 1915 When the Deacon Swore as The Deacon
movie 1915 When the Mummy Cried for Help as Lee
movie 1915 When the Spirits Moved
movie 1915 When They Were Co-Eds
movie 1915 Where the Heather Blooms as First Lord Chamberlain
movie 1914 A Lucky Deception as Eddie's Chum
movie 1914 A Troublesome Wink
movie 1914 All at Sea
movie 1914 And the Villain Still Pursued Her as Lee - the Cowardly Villain
movie 1914 Captain Bill's Warm Reception as The Newlywed Husband
movie 1914 Feeding the Kitty
movie 1914 He Never Said a Word
movie 1914 Her Husbands as The Attorney
movie 1914 Her Moonshine Lover
movie 1914 His Dog-Gone Luck
movie 1914 His Royal Pants
movie 1914 His Strenuous Honeymoon as Gentleman Jack
movie 1914 In Taxi 23 as The City Slicker
movie 1914 On Rugged Shores
movie 1914 One of the Finest
movie 1914 She Was Only a Working Girl as John Taft - the Assistant Villain
movie 1914 Snobbery
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #1
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #2
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #3
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #4
movie 1914 Such a Villain as The Evil Hypnotist
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 Their Honeymoon
movie 1914 Their Ups and Downs as The Professor
movie 1914 Those College Days as The Janitor
movie 1914 Those Persistent Old Maids as Spy'em - the Detective
movie 1914 Those Were the Happy Days as The Janitor
movie 1914 Twixt Love and Flour
movie 1914 What a Baby Did as Lee
movie 1914 When Bess Got in Wrong as Lee
movie 1914 When Billy Proposed as Bob
movie 1914 When Eddie Went to the Front
movie 1914 When Lizzie Got Her Polish
movie 1914 When the Girls Joined the Force
movie 1914 When the Girls Were Shanghaied
movie 1914 When Their Brides Got Mixed as Lee
movie 1914 When Ursus Threw the Bull as The Property Man
movie 1914 Who Stole the Bridegroom? as Detective Potts
movie 1913 A Man of the People as Jim Brady
movie 1913 A Mix-Up in Bandits as Lee
movie 1913 A Pair of Bears as Lee
movie 1913 A Tale of the West as Lee
movie 1913 A Woman's Way as The Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 Almost a Rescue as Kussie #2
movie 1913 Almost an Actress as Lee
movie 1913 An Elephant on His Hands
movie 1913 Cupid's Bad Aim as The Clerk
movie 1913 Curses! Said the Villain
movie 1913 Four Queens and a Jack as Lee - Corinne's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Hawkeye to the Rescue as Portuguese Joe, King of Smugglers
movie 1913 Hawkeye's Great Capture as Hawkeye
movie 1913 He and Himself as The Boy
movie 1913 Her Friend, the Butler
movie 1913 Her Hero's Predicament as Lee
movie 1913 His Crazy Job as The Star Reporter
movie 1913 His Friend, the Undertaker
movie 1913 His Wife's Burglar as Mac
movie 1913 Locked Out at Twelve as Lee - the Janitor
movie 1913 Love, Luck and a Paint Brush as Lee - Eddie's Pal
movie 1913 On Cupid's Highway as Lee - Eddie's Chauffeur
movie 1913 Some Runner
movie 1913 Teaching Dad a Lesson
movie 1913 The Battle of Bull Con
movie 1913 The Brothers as Lee - the Younger Brother
movie 1913 The Girl Ranchers as The Foreman
movie 1913 The Girls and Dad as One of the Boys
movie 1913 The Golden Princess Mine as The Mexican
movie 1913 The Tale of a Hat as The Butler
movie 1913 The Trail of the Serpent
movie 1913 Their Lucky Day
movie 1913 Their Two Kids as Lee Morane
movie 1913 To the Brave Belong the Fair as Hiram, Second Brave
movie 1913 Under Western Skies
movie 1913 Weighed in the Balance as John Burton
movie 1913 Western Hearts as The Sheriff
movie 1913 What the Wild Waves Did as Lee
movie 1913 When a Man Marries as Lee
movie 1913 When Cupid Won as Fred Warner
movie 1913 When His Courage Failed as The Second Friend
movie 1913 Won by a Skirt as Ellis Lee
movie 1912 A Game of Bluff as Jack Russell
movie 1912 A Stubborn Cupid as Tom
movie 1912 Beneath Western Skies as Jim Carson
movie 1912 Hearts and Skirts as First Cowboy
movie 1912 Her Friend, the Doctor as Dick Lockwood, Assistant Foreman
movie 1912 Making a Man of Her as Jack
movie 1912 Sharps and Chaps as Mark Briarly
movie 1912 The Flower of the Forest
movie 1912 The Girl and the Sheriff as Jim Stearns - a Young Gambler
movie 1912 The Girls and the Chaperone as Jack Davis, the Chaperone
movie 1912 The Lady Barber of Roaring Gulch as Josh Doolittle
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Choice
movie 1912 The Shanghaied Cowboys
movie 1912 The Sheriff Outwitted as Sheriff Young
movie 1912 When Hearts Are Trumps as José, Juanita's Lover
movie 1912 When the Heart Calls as Dick Lee, the City Chap
movie 1912 Young Wild West Cornered by Apaches as Pedro
movie 1912 Young Wild West on the Border as Pedro
movie 1912 Young Wild West Trapping a Tricky Rustler as Ike Bowers - Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 Young Wild West Washing Out Gold as Tom Ruffer
movie 1912 Young Wild West's Prairie Pursuit

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