Leedham Bantock

Leedham Bantock Filmography

movie 1917 The Veiled Woman
movie 1915 A Daughter of England
movie 1915 A Prehistoric Love Story
movie 1915 From Flower Girl to Red Cross Nurse
movie 1915 The Beggar Girl's Wedding
movie 1915 The Girl of My Heart
movie 1915 The Girl Who Took the Wrong Turning
movie 1915 The Shopsoiled Girl
movie 1914 A Motorcycle Elopement
movie 1914 A Patriotic English Girl
movie 1914 Always Tell Your Wife
movie 1914 Kismet
movie 1913 Scrooge
movie 1913 The Tempter as The Gambler
movie 1913 Ivanhoe
movie 1913 David Garrick
movie 1913 Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terriss
movie 1912 Santa Claus as Santa Claus
movie 1912 Mephisto