LeighAnn Gould

LeighAnn Gould Filmography

movie 2014 College Pranks as Christi
movie 2013 The Note as Mrs. Fuller
movie 2012 Thursday Night Special as Waitress
movie 2011 Hitmen: Going Shopping as Bianca
tv movie 2011 Mile High Laci as Virginia
movie 2010 Big Screen Pete
movie 2010 Course Correction as Melinda
movie 2010 Game Over as Renee
movie 2010 The Here Between as Maid 2
movie 2010 Three Sister's Laundry as Lucy
movie 2009 Indie as Lisa
movie 2009 Ink as ER Nurse
movie 2006 The Shadow Walkers as Lab Technician #2

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The full preview of My Big Phat Gay Musical dated April 24th, 2009 at the King Center Recital Hall. Featuring: Sean McGowan, John Paul Sharp, LeighAnn ...

Three Sisters Laundry (2010) Written by LeighAnn Gould Directed by John Crockett LeighAnn Gould as Lucy John Crockett as Ned Curtis Kathryn Gould as ...

My Big Phat Gay Musical Preview! Yes, folks, you get to see the show before the show even happens! But only the first three scenes. This is the second scene ...