Leigh Hamilton

Leigh Hamilton Filmography

movie 1993 Hocus Pocus as Cop's Girlfriend
movie 1992 Gas, Food Lodging as Kim
movie 1988 Paramedics as Dispatcher
movie 1987 P.K. and the Kid as Louise
tv movie 1985 Code of Vengeance as Louise
tv movie 1983 Missing Pieces as Helen Richmond
movie 1982 Forced Vengeance as Sally Tennant
tv movie 1981 The Sophisticated Gents as Moon's Gail
movie 1979 A Man, a Woman and a Bank as Marie
tv movie 1978 First, You Cry as Party Guest

Leigh Hamilton on Youtube

Du bist der Lenz - Die Walk├╝re, Leigh Hamilton Soprano Kevin McCutcheon, Piano.

Bill St. James WYNY, Leigh Hamilton WPIX-FM, Don K Reed WCBS-FM. Aircheck from Oct 1983.

What the fuck was in that glass? Vodka, rum, Sprite, and watermelon-cherry Kool-Aid?