Leland Benham

Leland Benham Filmography

movie 1916 The Kiddies' Kaptain Kid
movie 1916 The Path of Happiness as Little Grekko
movie 1915 A Perplexing Pickle Puzzle as Heinie Schultz
movie 1915 A Plugged Nickel as Christopher's Older Son
movie 1915 Big Brother Bill as Jack
movie 1915 Bud Blossom
movie 1915 Do Unto Others
movie 1915 Helen Intervenes as Marion Carter's Brother
movie 1915 His Sister's Kiddies as Samuel Golden - Bender's Nephew
movie 1915 Just Kids as Lawrence
movie 1915 Little Bobby
movie 1915 Milestones of Life as William Hallet, as a child
movie 1915 Snapshots as Dicky - Aunt Marie's Son
movie 1915 The Crogmere Ruby as Lynn - Gray's Grandson
movie 1915 The Little Captain of the Scouts as Big Sister's Brother - Little Captain of the Scouts
movie 1915 The Refugee as The Refugee
movie 1915 The Six-Cent Loaf as Joel Quinn - Mary's Brother
movie 1915 The Spirit of Audubon as Dicky
movie 1915 The Stolen Anthurium as Tom
movie 1915 The Two Cent Mystery as David
movie 1915 The Volunteer Fireman
movie 1915 Through Edith's Looking Glass as Dick Davis - Edith's Brother
movie 1915 Which Shall It Be? as Donald - the Cripple
movie 1914 A Dog's Good Deed as Bobby Smith
movie 1914 A Gentleman for a Day as Leland
movie 1914 A Mohammedan Conspiracy as Abdul's Native Servant
movie 1914 Beautiful Snow
movie 1914 Coals of Fire as Larrie - Moore's Grandson
movie 1914 Guilty or Not Guilty as Leland - May's Crippled Brother
movie 1914 Her Love Letters
movie 1914 His Reward
movie 1914 In Peril's Path as Leland Jones
movie 1914 Sid Nee's Finish
movie 1914 The Butterfly Bug as The Mischievous Boy
movie 1914 The Desert Tribesman
movie 1914 The Skating Master as Tom
movie 1914 The Strategy of Conductor 786 as Leland - the Newsboy
movie 1914 The Success of Selfishness as Ted - Tom & Grace's Son
movie 1914 The Terror of Anger
movie 1913 A Clothes-Line Quarrel as Leland - the Child
movie 1913 A Pullman Nightmare as The Son
movie 1913 An American in the Making as Their Son
movie 1913 Jack and the Beanstalk as Jack
movie 1913 King René's Daughter
movie 1913 Little Brother as The Little Brother
movie 1913 The Children's Conspiracy as The Co-Conspirator
movie 1913 The Heart of a Child
movie 1913 Their Great Big Beautiful Doll as Larry, the Widow's Son
movie 1912 But the Greatest of These Is Charity
movie 1912 Cross Your Heart as The Little Boy
movie 1912 In a Garden as Jack, May's Childhood Sweetheart
movie 1912 Nursie and the Knight as The Rich Little Boy
movie 1912 On Probation
movie 1912 The Ladder of Life