Leon M. Lion

Leon M. Lion Filmography

tv movie 2009 Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock as Ben
tv movie 1939 A Cup of Happiness as Tobias Gigg, Bessie's head man
tv movie 1939 A Game of Cut-Throat
tv movie 1939 The Silver Box as Jones
tv movie 1938 Black Magic as Giles Chalfont
movie 1938 Crackerjack as Hambro Golding
tv movie 1938 Libel! as Thomas Foxley, K.C.
movie 1938 Strange Boarders as Luke
movie 1936 The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss as Dorrington
movie 1936 Pagliacci
movie 1934 Lady in Danger as Dittling
movie 1932 Number Seventeen as Ben
movie 1932 The Chinese Puzzle as Marquis Li Chung
movie 1931 Chin Chin Chinaman as The Mandarin
movie 1931 Many Waters
movie 1923 Strangling Threads
movie 1923 The Naked Man
movie 1922 Dicky Monteith
movie 1919 The Chinese Puzzle as Marquis Li Chung
movie 1919 As He Was Born
movie 1918 Spinner o' Dreams
movie 1918 The Hanging Judge
movie 1918 The Touch of a Child
movie 1917 The Woman Who Was Nothing as Ferret
movie 1917 The Cobweb
movie 1915 Grip as Count de Lacy
movie 1915 Hard Times as Tom Gradgrind

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