Leonard Strong

Leonard Alfred George Strong (1896? 17 August 1958) was an English writer, known as a novelist, journalist, poet and director of the publishers Methuen Ltd. ... more on Wikipedia

Leonard Strong Filmography

movie 1962 Escape from Zahrain as Ambulance Driver
movie 1959 The Big Fisherman as Zebedee, Father of James & John
movie 1958 Jet Attack as Maj. Wan
movie 1957 This Could Be the Night as Mr. Bernbaum
movie 1956 The King and I as Interpreter
movie 1955 Cult of the Cobra as Daru
movie 1955 Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing as Fortune Teller
movie 1954 Bengal Brigade as Mahindra
movie 1954 Hell's Half Acre as Ippy
movie 1954 Prisoner of War as Col. Kim Doo Yi
movie 1954 The Naked Jungle as Kutina
movie 1953 Destination Gobi as Wali-Akhun
movie 1953 Scared Stiff as Shorty
movie 1953 Shane as Ernie Wright
movie 1952 Carbine Williams as Robak
movie 1952 The Atomic City as Donald Clark
movie 1950 Backfire as Lee Quong
movie 1950 Cargo to Capetown as Singh
movie 1949 Malaya as Half-witted Malay
movie 1949 We Were Strangers as Bombmaker
movie 1948 Sword of the Avenger as Ming Tang
movie 1947 Backlash as The Stranger
movie 1947 Jewels of Brandenburg as Marcel Grandet
movie 1946 Anna and the King of Siam as Interpreter
movie 1946 Dangerous Millions as Bandit Chieftain
movie 1945 Back to Bataan as Gen. Homma
movie 1945 Blood on the Sun as Hijikata
movie 1945 First Yank Into Tokyo as Major Nogira
movie 1944 Dragon Seed as Japanese Official
movie 1944 The Keys of the Kingdom as Mr. Chia
movie 1944 Up in Arms as Japanese Interrogator in Cave
movie 1943 Behind the Rising Sun as Tama's Father
movie 1943 Bombardier as Japanese Officer
movie 1943 Jack London as Captain Tanaka
movie 1943 Night Plane from Chungking as Lieutenant Karuma
movie 1943 Salute to the Marines as Karitu
movie 1942 Little Tokyo, U.S.A. as Fujiama
movie 1942 Manila Calling as Japanese Officer
movie 1942 Underground Agent as Count Akiri

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