Leonid Kinskey

Leonid Kinskey (April 18, 1903 ? September 8, 1998) was a Russian-born movie and television actor who enjoyed a long career. ... more on Wikipedia

Leonid Kinskey Filmography

tv movie 1965 Salute to Stan Laurel as Movie director in sketch
movie 1961 The Legend of Mandinga
movie 1957 The Helen Morgan Story as Stanislausky - Accordion Player
movie 1956 Glory as Vasily
movie 1955 The Man with the Golden Arm as Dominiwski
movie 1952 Gobs and Gals as Ivan
movie 1951 Honeychile as Chick Lister
movie 1950 Nancy Goes to Rio as Ivan Putroff
movie 1949 Alimony as Joe Wood
movie 1949 Bashful Romeo
movie 1949 The Great Sinner as Bandleader in Park
movie 1946 Monsieur Beaucaire as Rene
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Koppa
movie 1944 That's My Baby! as Doctor Svatsky
movie 1944 The Fighting Seabees as Johnny Novasky
movie 1943 Cinderella Swings It as Vladimir Smitkin
movie 1943 El circo as Cliente ruso zapatero
movie 1943 Gildersleeve on Broadway as Window Washer
movie 1943 Let's Have Fun as Gregory Loosnikoff
movie 1943 Presenting Lily Mars as Leo
movie 1942 Brooklyn Orchid as Ignatz Rachkowsky
movie 1942 Casablanca as Sascha
movie 1942 Five Were Chosen
movie 1942 I Married an Angel as Zinski
movie 1942 Lady for a Night as Boris
movie 1942 Somewhere I'll Find You as Dorloff
movie 1942 The Talk of the Town as Jan Pulaski
movie 1941 Ball of Fire as Prof. Quintana
movie 1941 Broadway Limited as Ivan
movie 1941 So Ends Our Night as The Chicken
movie 1941 That Night in Rio as Monsieur Pierre Dufond
movie 1941 Throwing a Party as Horace
movie 1941 Week-End in Havana as Rafael - bellhop
movie 1940 Down Argentine Way as Tito Acuna
movie 1940 He Stayed for Breakfast as Comrade Nicky
movie 1939 Day-Time Wife as Coco
movie 1939 Everything Happens at Night as Groder
movie 1939 Exile Express as David
movie 1939 On Your Toes as Ivan Boultonoff
movie 1939 The Spellbinder as Harry Beldon - Saxophone Player
movie 1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle as Artist
movie 1938 A Trip to Paris as Emile
movie 1938 Algiers as L'Arbi
movie 1938 Flirting with Fate as Pedro Lopez
movie 1938 Outside of Paradise as Cafe Owner Ivan Petrovich
movie 1938 Professor Beware as Tableau Director
movie 1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 as Ivan
movie 1938 The Great Waltz as Dudelman
movie 1938 Three Blind Mice as Young Man
movie 1937 Café Metropole as Artist
movie 1937 Candid Cameramaniacs as Otto
movie 1937 Espionage as Maxie Burgos
movie 1937 Make a Wish as Moe
movie 1937 Married Before Breakfast as Mischa Lapidoff
movie 1937 Maytime as Student in Bar
movie 1937 Meet the Boy Friend as Dr. Sokoloff
movie 1937 My Dear Miss Aldrich as A Waiter
movie 1937 Nothing Sacred as Ferdinand Roassare - Poet
movie 1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl as Pianist at Mrs. Frost's Party
movie 1937 The Girl from Scotland Yard as Mischa, cellist
movie 1937 The Sheik Steps Out as Allusi Ali
movie 1937 The Woman I Love
movie 1937 We're on the Jury as Professor Nicholas Krakin
movie 1937 Wise Girl as Eccentric Greenwich Village Writer
movie 1936 A Son Comes Home as Hoodlum
movie 1936 Love on the Run as Man on Train
movie 1936 Rhythm on the Range as Mischa
movie 1936 The Big Broadcast of 1937 as Russian
movie 1936 The Garden of Allah as Voluble Arab
movie 1936 The General Died at Dawn as Stewart
movie 1936 The Road to Glory as Leg wounded trying wire rescue
movie 1936 Three Godfathers as Card Player
movie 1936 Violets in Spring as The Piano Player
movie 1935 Goin' to Town as Cecil - Interior Decorator
movie 1935 I Live My Life as Waiter
movie 1935 Les Misérables as Genflou
movie 1935 Peter Ibbetson as Prisoner
movie 1935 The Gilded Lily as Vocal Teacher
movie 1935 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer as Snake Charmer
movie 1934 Change of Heart as Party Guest
movie 1934 Fugitive Road as Nicholas Petrovich, tall smuggler
movie 1934 Hollywood Party as Jake the Cabbie
movie 1934 Manhattan Melodrama as Trotskyite Slapping Poppa Rosen
movie 1934 Marie Galante as Arohnson
movie 1934 Straight Is the Way as Mechanic
movie 1934 Strictly Dynamite as Garçon
movie 1934 The Cat and the Fiddle as Hans - Conservatory Violinist
movie 1934 The Merry Widow as Shepherd
movie 1934 We Live Again as Simon Kartinkin
movie 1933 Duck Soup as Agitator
movie 1933 Girl Without a Room as Gallopsky
movie 1933 Storm at Daybreak as Serbian Villager
movie 1932 The Big Broadcast as Ivan
movie 1932 Trouble in Paradise as The Communist

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