Leslie Goodwins

Leslie Goodwins (17 September 1899 ? 8 January 1969) was an English film director and screenwriter. He directed nearly 100 films between 1926 and 1967. ... more on Wikipedia

Leslie Goodwins Filmography

movie 1967 Tammy and the Millionaire
tv series 1959 The Alaskans
tv movie 1958 Sea Divers
movie 1956 The Go-Getter
movie 1955 Paris Follies of 1956
tv series 1955 Navy Log
movie 1954 Fireman Save My Child
tv movie 1954 The Bing Crosby Special
movie 1953 Merry Mirthquakes
movie 1952 Gold Fever
tv series 1952 China Smith
movie 1951 From Rogues to Riches
movie 1951 Tinhorn Troubadors
movie 1951 Lord Epping Returns
movie 1951 Punchy Pancho
movie 1951 Too Many Wives
movie 1950 Brooklyn Buckaroos
movie 1949 Sweet Cheat
movie 1948 Bachelor Blues
movie 1948 Pal's Return
movie 1947 Dragnet
movie 1947 The Lone Wolf in London
movie 1946 Vacation in Reno
movie 1946 Wall Street Blues
movie 1946 Genius at Work
movie 1946 Riverboat Rhythm
movie 1945 Alibi Baby
movie 1945 An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
movie 1945 I'll Tell the World
movie 1945 Radio Stars on Parade
movie 1945 What a Blonde
movie 1944 Casanova in Burlesque
movie 1944 Goin' to Town
movie 1944 Hi, Beautiful
movie 1944 Murder in the Blue Room
movie 1944 The Mummy's Curse
movie 1944 The Singing Sheriff
movie 1943 Ladies' Day as Director of Film-within-the-Film
movie 1943 Gem-Jams
movie 1943 Radio Runaround
movie 1943 Seeing Nellie Home
movie 1943 Gals, Incorporated
movie 1943 Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event
movie 1943 Rookies in Burma
movie 1943 Silver Skates
movie 1943 The Adventures of a Rookie
movie 1942 Framing Father
movie 1942 Mexican Spitfire's Elephant
movie 1942 Mexican Spitfire at Sea
movie 1942 Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost
movie 1941 Let's Make Music
movie 1941 Mexican Spitfire's Baby
movie 1941 Parachute Battalion
movie 1941 They Met in Argentina
movie 1940 Men Against the Sky
movie 1940 Mexican Spitfire
movie 1940 Mexican Spitfire Out West
movie 1940 Millionaire Playboy
movie 1940 Pop Always Pays
movie 1939 Almost a Gentleman
movie 1939 Sued for Libel
movie 1939 The Day the Bookies Wept
movie 1939 The Girl from Mexico
movie 1939 Way Down South
movie 1938 A Western Welcome
movie 1938 Ears of Experience
movie 1938 False Roomers
movie 1938 Fool Coverage
movie 1938 His Pest Friend
movie 1938 The Jitters
movie 1938 Twenty Girls and a Band
movie 1938 Crime Ring
movie 1938 Fugitives for a Night
movie 1938 Kennedy's Castle
movie 1938 Mr. Doodle Kicks Off
movie 1938 Stage Fright
movie 1938 Tarnished Angel
movie 1937 Bad Housekeeping
movie 1937 Locks and Bonds
movie 1937 Should Wives Work?
movie 1937 The Hillbilly Goat
movie 1937 Tramp Trouble
movie 1937 Wrong Romance
movie 1937 Anything for a Thrill
movie 1937 Deep South
movie 1937 Dumb's the Word
movie 1937 Edgar & Goliath
movie 1937 Harris in the Spring
movie 1937 Headline Crasher
movie 1937 Mississippi Moods
movie 1937 Morning, Judge
movie 1937 The Devil Diamond
movie 1937 Young Dynamite
movie 1936 All Business
movie 1936 Camp Meetin'
movie 1936 Dummy Ache
movie 1936 Fight is Right
movie 1936 Framing Father
movie 1936 Grandma's Bouys
movie 1936 High Beer Pressure
movie 1936 One Live Ghost
movie 1936 Radio Barred
movie 1936 Too Many Surprises
movie 1936 Vocalizing
movie 1936 Who's Looney Now
movie 1936 Mary of Scotland
movie 1936 Swing It
movie 1936 With Love and Kisses
movie 1935 Symphony of Living as Oboe Player
movie 1935 A Quiet Fourth
movie 1935 Brick-a-Brac
movie 1935 Horse Heir
movie 1935 Hunger Pains
movie 1935 Raised and Called
movie 1935 The Nitwits
movie 1935 The Rainmakers
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Minor Role
movie 1934 Derby Decade
movie 1934 The Gay Divorcee as Baggage Man
movie 1934 Woman Haters as Bit Part
movie 1934 A Blasted Event
movie 1934 Poisoned Ivory
movie 1934 The Big Mouthpiece
movie 1934 The Dancing Millionaire
movie 1933 Feeling Rosy as Office Worker
movie 1933 Roaming Romeo
movie 1933 Tired Feet
movie 1933 A Merchant of Menace
movie 1929 Springtime Saps
movie 1929 Sock and Run
movie 1929 The Hollywood Dressmaker
movie 1928 Better Behave
movie 1928 Why Detectives Go Wrong
movie 1928 Deaf, Dumb and Blonde
movie 1928 Help Wanted
movie 1928 Holding His Own
movie 1928 Idle Eyes
movie 1928 Once Over
movie 1928 Seein' Things
movie 1928 She Said No
movie 1928 The Cockeyed Family
movie 1928 The Eyes Have It
movie 1928 Thick and Thin
movie 1928 Why Babies Leave Home
movie 1927 Ups and Downs
movie 1926 The Wolf as Zeb Speffer
movie 1926 Papa's Pest
movie 1924 Checking Out
movie 1924 Delivering the Goods

Leslie Goodwins on Youtube

The mummy's curse (Leslie Goodwins, 1944) Trailer.

"The Mummy's Curse" Movie Trailer (1944) Director - Leslie Goodwins Release Date - 22 December 1944.

In this pre-Pearl Harbor recruiting poster, colonel's estranged son Bill Burke, football hero Donald Morse, and hillbilly Jeff Hollis enlist in the paratroop...

Dirigida por Leslie Goodwins para RKO Radio Pictures, con un guión de Charles E. Roberts y Joseph Fields, fotografía de Jack Mackenzie y dirección artística .