Lewis Seiler

Lewis Seiler (30 September 1890 ? 8 January 1964), was an American film director. He directed 88 films between 1923 and 1958. ... more on Wikipedia

Lewis Seiler Filmography

movie 1958 The True Story of Lynn Stuart
movie 1956 Battle Stations
movie 1956 Over-Exposed
movie 1955 Women's Prison
movie 1954 The Bamboo Prison
movie 1953 The System
movie 1952 Operation Secret
movie 1952 The Winning Team
movie 1951 The Tanks Are Coming
movie 1950 Breakthrough
movie 1948 Whiplash
movie 1946 If I'm Lucky
movie 1945 Doll Face
movie 1945 Molly and Me
movie 1944 Something for the Boys
movie 1943 Guadalcanal Diary
movie 1942 Beyond the Line of Duty
movie 1942 Pittsburgh
movie 1942 The Big Shot
movie 1941 International Squadron
movie 1941 Kisses for Breakfast
movie 1941 The Smiling Ghost
movie 1941 You're in the Army Now
movie 1940 Flight Angels
movie 1940 It All Came True
movie 1940 Murder in the Air
movie 1940 South of Suez
movie 1940 Tugboat Annie Sails Again
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny
movie 1939 Hell's Kitchen
movie 1939 King of the Underworld
movie 1939 Old Hickory
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo
movie 1939 You Can't Get Away with Murder
movie 1938 Crime School
movie 1938 He Couldn't Say No
movie 1938 Heart of the North
movie 1938 Penrod's Double Trouble
movie 1937 Turn Off the Moon
movie 1936 Flippen's Frolics as Lew
movie 1936 Career Woman
movie 1936 Here Comes Trouble
movie 1936 Star for a Night
movie 1936 The First Baby
movie 1935 Charlie Chan in Paris
movie 1935 Ginger
movie 1935 Paddy O'Day
movie 1935 Asegure a su mujer
movie 1934 Frontier Marshal
movie 1932 Deception
movie 1932 No Greater Love
movie 1932 The Circus Show-Up
movie 1931 Die große Fahrt
movie 1931 El impostor
movie 1931 Hay que casar al príncipe
movie 1931 La ley del harem
movie 1931 Mi último amor
movie 1930 Men Without Law
movie 1929 A Song of Kentucky
movie 1929 Girls Gone Wild
movie 1929 The Ghost Talks
movie 1928 Square Crooks
movie 1928 The Air Circus
movie 1927 Outlaws of Red River
movie 1927 The Last Trail
movie 1927 Tumbling River
movie 1927 Wolf Fangs
movie 1926 The Great K & A Train Robbery
movie 1926 A Bankrupt Honeymoon
movie 1926 No Man's Gold
movie 1926 Rah! Rah! Heidelberg!
movie 1926 The Reporter
movie 1925 A Cloudy Romance
movie 1925 Strong for Love
movie 1925 The Butterfly Man
movie 1925 The Flying Fool
movie 1925 The Sleep Walker
movie 1925 Up on the Farm
movie 1924 Darwin Was Right
movie 1924 He's My Pal
movie 1924 School Pals
movie 1924 The Cow Boys
movie 1924 The Monkey Romeo
movie 1924 Westward, Whoa!
movie 1923 Circus Pals
movie 1923 Jungle Pals
movie 1923 Monks a la Mode
movie 1923 The Monkey Farm
movie 1923 The Monkey Mix-Up
movie 1921 Three Good Pals

Lewis Seiler on Youtube

Trailer do filme ''Something for the boys'' de 1944, estrelado por Carmen Miranda, Michael O'Shea e Vivian Blaine. Dirigido por Lewis Seiler. http://www.imdb...

A crime comedy film directed by Lewis Seiler. Humphrey Bogart as a gangster who hides from the police in a boarding house. Co-star Ann Sheridan introduced ...

THE SAGA OF THE RISE AND FALL OF A GANG LORD AND HIS LADY! HUMPHREY BOGART as the Last of the Racket Barons... the Big Shot of 'em all!

A 1942 drama film directed by Lewis Seiler and starring Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott, and John Wayne. The film is about an ambitious coal miner who value ...