Lillian Hayward

Lillie Hayward (12 September, 1891 ? 29 June, 1977) was an American actress of the silent era and later a screenwriter. She appeared in 106 films between 1911 and 1918. She also wrote for over 70 films between 1924 and 1946. ... more on Wikipedia

Lillian Hayward Filmography

movie 1918 Little Orphant Annie as Aunt Elizabeth
movie 1917 A Brother's Sacrifice
movie 1917 Her Heart's Desire
movie 1917 No Place Like Home
movie 1917 The Hidden Children as Mrs. Rannock
movie 1917 The Love of Madge O'Mara
movie 1917 The Promise as Mrs. Appleton
movie 1917 The Rainbow Girl as Christina Divine
movie 1917 Wild Winship's Widow as Aunt Minerva
movie 1916 At Piney Ridge as Dagmar
movie 1916 Big Tremaine as Mrs. Tremaine
movie 1916 Diamonds Are Trumps as Mrs. Randolph
movie 1916 Into the Northland
movie 1916 Number 13, Westbound as Mrs. Culmer
movie 1916 Out of the Mist
movie 1916 Pidgin Island as Uncle Billy's wife
movie 1916 The Black Orchid as Mrs. Hastings
movie 1916 The Devil, the Servant and the Man
movie 1916 The Germ of Mystery
movie 1916 The Hard Way
movie 1916 The Hare and the Tortoise
movie 1916 The Reprisal
movie 1916 The Test of Chivalry
movie 1916 Tom Martin: A Man as Mrs. Brandon
movie 1916 Unto Those Who Sin as Mme. Duprez
movie 1916 Virtue Triumphant as Mrs. O'Malley
movie 1916 Why Love Is Blind as Mrs. Stone
movie 1916 Wives of the Rich
movie 1915 A Studio Escapade as Mrs. Whitman
movie 1915 Beautiful Belinda as Professor Diggs' Daughter
movie 1915 The Fork in the Road as The Innkeeper's Wife
movie 1915 The Gentleman Burglar
movie 1915 The Jungle Stockade as The Missionary's Wife
movie 1915 The Man with the Iron Heart as Mrs. Mann
movie 1915 The Octopus as Emily Sheldon - Archie's Mother
movie 1915 The Prima Donna's Mother as Maggie Barnes - the Mother
movie 1915 The Puny Soul of Peter Rand as Mrs. Rand - Peter's Mother
movie 1915 The War o' Dreams as Mrs. Arthur Ensign
movie 1915 Their Sinful Influence as Mrs. Carr
movie 1915 Two Women and One Hat as Mrs. Jones
movie 1915 When California Was Wild
movie 1915 When Love Is Mocked as The Fisherman's Mother
movie 1915 Young Love as Mrs. Hunt
movie 1914 Conscience and the Temptress as John's Mother
movie 1914 Etienne of the Glad Heart as Ritta
movie 1914 Footprints
movie 1914 Garrison's Finish
movie 1914 If I Were Young Again as Mrs. Subbald - the Landlady
movie 1914 In Defiance of the Law as A Squaw
movie 1914 Judge Dunn's Decision as Mrs. Dunn
movie 1914 Memories as Mrs. Scott - Marjorie's Mother
movie 1914 One Kiss
movie 1914 Rosemary, That's for Remembrance as Mrs. Greerson - Harvey's Mother
movie 1914 The Champion Bear Slayer as The Mother
movie 1914 The Flower of Faith as Mrs. Payne
movie 1914 The Lily of the Valley as Mrs. Vale
movie 1914 The Lure of the Windigo as Mrs. Le Clerq
movie 1914 The Midnight Call as Mrs. Lawler
movie 1914 The Mistress of His House as Mrs. Sherman - the Widowed Sister
movie 1914 The Mother Heart as The Mother
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Seven Chests as Cleo Lawless
movie 1914 The Rummage Sale as Aunt Selina Richards
movie 1914 The Tragedy of Ambition as Mrs. Van Dorn - Reginald's Mother
movie 1914 The Uphill Climb as Mrs. Cameron
movie 1914 The Wilderness Mail as Marie - Joan's Half-Sister
movie 1914 Wade Brent Pays as Mrs. O'Connor - the Head of the Sanitarium
movie 1914 While Wifey Is Away as Mrs. Smith
movie 1913 A Black Hand Elopement as Mrs. Gardner - Dolly's Mother
movie 1913 A Revolutionary Romance
movie 1913 A Wild Ride as Mrs. Donald MacGraw - Florence's Mother
movie 1913 Alas! Poor Yorick!
movie 1913 Alone in the Jungle as Mrs. Brown - Helen's Mother
movie 1913 Bunny and the Bunny Hug as Molly Donovan
movie 1913 Hiram Buys an Auto as Hiram's Wife
movie 1913 Hope
movie 1913 Outwitted by Billy as Mother Gordon
movie 1913 Phantoms as Mrs. Elliott
movie 1913 Sisters All as Vera - Olga's Older Sister
movie 1913 Songs of Truce as The Mother
movie 1913 The Child of the Sea as Mrs. Lawton - the Lighthouse Keeper's Wife
movie 1913 The Early Bird as Mrs. Mahaffy - an Amorous Spinster
movie 1913 The House in Suburbia as Edith Hayward - the Actress
movie 1913 The Hoyden's Awakening as The Designing Widow
movie 1913 The Ne'er to Return Road as Mrs. Henry Clark - the Mother
movie 1913 The Noisy Six as Dick's Grandmother
movie 1913 The Story of Lavinia
movie 1913 The Wordless Message
movie 1913 Trying Out No. 707 as Mrs. Love - the Widow
movie 1913 Vengeance Is Mine
movie 1913 When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1913 When May Weds December as Mrs. Force
movie 1913 When Men Forget
movie 1913 With Love's Eyes as A Nurse
movie 1913 Yankee Doodle Dixie
movie 1912 A Humble Hero
movie 1912 A Pair of Boots
movie 1912 Atala
movie 1912 Goody Goody Jones as Mrs. Jones
movie 1912 His Masterpiece
movie 1912 In Exile
movie 1912 John Colter's Escape
movie 1912 Miss Aubry's Love Affair as Miss Aubry
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Carconte
movie 1912 Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheart as An Ancient Squaw
movie 1912 Our Lady of the Pearls as Quada
movie 1912 Pansy
movie 1912 Sammy Orpheus; or, The Pied Piper of the Jungle as Mrs. O'Rourke
movie 1912 The Box Car Baby
movie 1912 The God of Gold as Mrs. James - Agnes's Mother
movie 1912 The Great Drought as The Widow Cline
movie 1912 The Hand of Fate
movie 1912 The Hobo
movie 1912 The Indelible Stain
movie 1912 The Junior Officer
movie 1912 The Lake of Dreams
movie 1912 The Legend of the Lost Arrow
movie 1912 The Lost Hat
movie 1912 The Man from Dragon Land as Widow Reilly
movie 1912 The Old Stagecoach
movie 1912 The Pity of It as Tom's Sister
movie 1912 The Polo Substitute
movie 1912 The Substitute Model
movie 1912 The Vow of Ysobel
movie 1911 In the Shadow of the Pines as Mrs. Anderson