Lillian Lamour

Lillian Lamour Filmography

movie 2014 Be Your Wo/Man as Sue Ellen Locke
movie 2014 Incorporeal as Shelley Robertson
movie 2014 Leaf Blower Massacre 2 as Party dancer
movie 2014 Spilt Blood as Gothic Girl #3
movie 2013 10 Seconds as Terri
movie 2013 Bane Rises Fan Film as Talia Al Ghul
movie 2013 Hunger Unholy as Jen
movie 2013 So, Now I'm a Zombie as Bar Patron
movie 2013 The Dirty Sanchez as Jane
movie 2012 Captive of a Death Mask as Natalie
movie 2012 The Infinity Trinity as Dr. Curt
tv series 2012 I'm Still Alive as Jen
movie Never Can Say Goodbye: When Love and Hate Survive Death as Shane

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