Linda Leonard

Linda Leonard (born August 31, 1956) is an American actress, best known for her part as Francine Mason in the 2007 movie Cleaner. She has appeared in several other movies and done some voice work for the Guitar Hero series of games. ... more on Wikipedia

Linda Leonard Filmography

movie 2013 Final Recourse as Helen
movie 2012 Playing for Keeps as Another Mom
movie 2009 Martini the Movie as Katherine Hepburn
movie 2009 Wonderful World as Doctor
video movie 2007 7 Angels in Eden as Nurse 1
movie 2007 Cleaner as Francine Mason
movie 2006 Fat Girls as Leslie
movie 2004 A Killer Within as Margret
movie 2004 The Deadbeat Club as Gwen Shelly
movie 2003 Quiet Desperation as Dolores Calloway

Linda Leonard on Youtube

Linda sat down with San Antonio Living to talk about the programs offered by KD College, our famous alumni, and her appearance on "Dallas".

Linda Leonard talks about Burn Camp, what it does for the kids, and seeing them grow into adults, and sometimes, returning as counselors! KD Studio Actors Conservatory was founded in 1979 as the entertainment business began venturing outside New York and Hollywood.

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