Lionelle Howard

Lionelle Howard Filmography

movie 1924 Not for Sale as Bertie Strangeways
movie 1924 Rodney Fails to Qualify as William Bates
movie 1924 The Flying Fifty-Five as Reggie Cambrey
movie 1924 Wanted, a Boy as The Suitor
movie 1923 One Arabian Night as Aladdin
movie 1923 Secret Mission as Michael
movie 1923 Shadow of Death as Dandy
movie 1923 The Fair Maid of Perth
movie 1923 The Velvet Woman as Jack Merton
movie 1922 A Debt of Honour as Ronald Cartaret
movie 1922 Expiation as Godfrey Mornington
movie 1922 Fra Diavolo as Lorenzo
movie 1922 Little Brother of God as Douglas Wainwright
movie 1922 Petticoat Loose as Mickey Croome
movie 1921 Cherry Ripe as Adam Montrose
movie 1921 No. 5 John Street as Seaton Ridler
movie 1921 The Double Event as Charles Martingale
movie 1921 The Headmaster as Jack Strahan
movie 1921 The Street of Adventure as Frank Luttrell
movie 1921 The Wonderful Year as Martin Openshaw
movie 1920 A Bachelor Husband as Atkins
movie 1920 Aunt Rachel as Reuben
movie 1920 The Channings as Arthur Channing
movie 1920 Three Men in a Boat as J.
movie 1919 Sheba as Count Pharamend
movie 1919 The Forest on the Hill as Frederick Moyle
movie 1917 A Grain of Sand as Howard Langton
movie 1917 Carrots as Mike
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Stephen Maybridge
movie 1917 Merely Mrs. Stubbs as Sidney Dudley
movie 1917 Neighbours as The Boy
movie 1917 The American Heiress as Bob Summers
movie 1917 The Blindness of Fortune as Sir Hector Gray
movie 1917 The Cobweb as Poacher
movie 1917 The Eternal Triangle as Sackville Horton
movie 1917 The Failure as Sidney Carson
movie 1917 The Joke That Failed as Frank
movie 1917 The Man Behind 'The Times' as Allan Garth
movie 1916 A Bunch of Violets as Harold Inglis
movie 1916 Annie Laurie as Alfred English
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye as Dick Fellows
movie 1916 Face to Face as Bernard Cunliffe
movie 1916 Miggles' Maid as The Man
movie 1916 Molly Bawn as Philip Shadwell
movie 1916 Partners as Ned
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind as Bob Watkin
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel as Prince Eugen
movie 1916 The House of Fortescue as Gerald Harding
movie 1916 The Man at the Wheel as The Man
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe as Eddie Helston
movie 1916 The White Boys
movie 1916 Trelawny of the Wells as Arthur Gower
movie 1916 Tubby's Bungle-Oh! as Jack Smith
movie 1916 Tubby's Tip as Tony
movie 1916 Who's Your Friend? as The Husband
movie 1915 A Moment of Darkness as Jess's Brother
movie 1915 As the Sun Went Down as Wilbur Leon
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Edward Chester
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain as George Atherton
movie 1915 Coward! as Lord Linton
movie 1915 Her Boy as Eric
movie 1915 Invasion as German officer
movie 1915 Marmaduke and His Angel as Marmaduke
movie 1915 Spies as The Poet
movie 1915 The Baby on the Barge as Jack Storm
movie 1915 The Confession as Rupert Hartley
movie 1915 The Golden Pavement as Martin Lestrange
movie 1915 The Incorruptible Crown as Bruce
movie 1915 The Man Who Stayed at Home as Carl Sanderson
movie 1915 The Man Who Wasn't as The husband
movie 1915 The Man with the Scar as John Grogan
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Outrage as Lt. Arlstein
movie 1915 The Second String as Rupert Dale
movie 1915 The Sweater as Rev. Hugh Foster
movie 1915 The Traitor as Lieutenant Green
movie 1915 The White Hope as Durward Carisbrooke
movie 1915 They're All After Flo
movie 1915 Things We Want to Know as Frank
movie 1915 Who Stole Pa's Purse? as Wallie Watnot
movie 1915 Wife the Weaker Vessel as Mr. Filson
movie 1914 A Secret Life
movie 1914 By Whose Hand? as Gerald Lee
movie 1914 Despised and Rejected as Man
movie 1914 Old St. Paul's as Leonard Holt
movie 1914 Southern Blood as Edwin Ashby
movie 1914 The Breaking Point as Croyle
movie 1914 The Bridge Destroyer as The Spy
movie 1914 The Dead Heart as St. Valery
movie 1914 The Grip of Ambition as John Bannister
movie 1914 The Lie as Frank Forrester
movie 1914 The Man from India as Spy
movie 1914 The Stress of Circumstance as Lawrence Steynor
movie 1914 They Say - Let Them Say as Wilfred