Lisa Caruso

Lisa Caruso Filmography

tv series 2013 Spring Break 24/7
tv series 2012 Les nouvelles aventures de Peter Pan as Wendy
movie 2012 TKO
tv series 2012 Big Texas Heat
movie 2012 Hugo
tv series 2008 Total Wrecklamation
movie 2005 Bastards of the Party
tv series 2005 Gastineau Girls
tv series 2005 Miss Seventeen
tv series 2004 Blow Out
tv series 2004 Surviving Nugent 2
tv series 2004 Battle for Ozzfest
tv series 2003 Anything for Love
tv series 2003 Classmates
tv series 2003 Speaking of Women's Health
movie 1999 Jawbreaker
movie 1997 River Made to Drown In

Lisa Caruso on Youtube

This was fun! what a beautiful song. Reading lyrics and chords, don't know it as best as i should but thought I'd have a go!

A duo arrangement of an original recorded on sunny, windy day in Double Bay, Sydney. 28.09.13.

An original recorded March the 2nd, 2012. Having a practice at home on the yellow couch! This is, Lily Blue.

The Kismet crew is back again in response to Shakira's call to support education for all through This time the guys wanted in on the action. Kisme...